Elden Ring: Escape is not a solution, and the game knows it! But how does it get you back on the right track?

Faced with the legendary difficulty of software games, players can sometimes feel like giving up and avoid as many minor encounters as possible to focus on the main ones. This was already the case in previous studio games, and this is even more true in the open world of Elden Ring. But is it really a viable solution?

We Can Hear It Everywhere: Elden Ring prides itself on being the most accessible software game. If the purists could have been a little frightened by this news, they were quickly reassured Difficulty is always in the studio’s last title, even outperforming others. But then, when the passage becomes too difficult, the player can be a little upset and want to escape to get to the rest. This escape mechanism is actually an integral part of the title, and the developers have tried to make players understand when it is good to escape, and when it is better to face difficulties.. Because after all, the spirit-like essence of the Elden Ring rests on that sense of superiority and accomplishment in the most difficult moments. We explain to you.


  • Difficulty choosing or choosing difficulty?
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  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
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Difficulty choosing or choosing difficulty?

There are as many ways to play Elden Ring as there are players to try. If some wanted to make characters focus on brute force, heavy armor, and oversized swords, others would prefer to focus on agility, while they wouldn’t make magicians stay as far away as possible from their opponents. And while all the ways to play are perfectly applicable, it is true that some spells or items may appear to be more powerful than others..

But we must remember one thing: any personal difficulty. A player who is accustomed to games from software will not encounter the same difficulties as a newcomer to the genre, who himself will not encounter the same difficulties as anyone unfamiliar with playing games.Video in general. And therefore , Even if the heart of the Elden Ring is based on difficulty, it is good to remember that not everyone has the same obstacles, and therefore you must adapt your tools to overcome them. So an experienced player will be able to do without what he considers “too powerful” so as not to spoil his gaming experience, and most beginners will be able to take advantage of it without turning his experience into a walk in the park, away from him.

However, it can happen that the gameplay can completely distort the experience. In such cases, developers can always step in to try and counter these practices. This is especially true when they are tied to the use of certain equipment: all they have to do is change their stats. But what about a natural mechanic like rolling or jumping? How about just running away from the fight?

Who developers didn’t wait for Elden Ring to answer that question. For example, we can remember Sen Castle or the Tomb of Giants from Dark Souls, which has already prevented players from escaping their enemies by offering narrow passages and especially on the edge of deadly cliffs. If you run too fast to avoid monsters, you may end up diving right into the void. But in an open world like Elden Ring, the ways to prevent the player from escaping cannot be the same.

Very discreet guide

Elden Ring: Escape is not a solution, and the game knows it!  But how does it get you back on the right track?

Although From Software has succeeded in creating an exciting open world to explore, they have also not forgotten to incorporate more traditional dungeons whose design will not surprise those familiar with the genre.. And the player’s adventure will change drastically depending on the order in which they decide to venture out there. However, the developers have done everything they can to try to guide players naturally.

Castle Veilrage and its boss Godrick is one of the first major dungeons in the game to have a very present difficulty. If the enemies inhabiting it are definitely some of the most forgiving in the gamesince it is only equipped with shields and melee weapons and devoid of any affinity or magic, They are not harmful, far from it. though, The game will prompt you to confront these soldiers before moving to another dungeon. In fact, there is actually a hidden passage that allows you to bypass the castle and move on to the next area, but it is hidden enough that only the most vigilant players can find it. So, for most players, You will have to face the difficulties that will come before youAnd, which is a good thing, because the dungeon is cut short to be actionable at this point in the game, before heading to the others.

However, even if the game wants to put you through difficulties, It won’t force you to choose the front line. In Voylurig Castle itself, for example, the parapet leading to the main door is filled with enemies that it would be difficult to face all of them at once. So ignoring them and moving to the castle pavilion is a totally possible solution., because it doesn’t make you avoid the whole dungeon. Shortly after this clip, at Raya Lucarya Academy, you will also be able to meet the scholars who will be able to put spokes in your wheels.

In fact, the latter casts homing spells and sometimes too many on the screen. Knowing that they are attracted to noise, Then it becomes very difficult to escape. Direct confrontation is rather bad advice, you still have a subtle approach. Thanks to this moment, So you will learn new ways to face your obstacles instead of ignoring them. This is the whole point of the game.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Elden Ring: Escape is not a solution, and the game knows it!  But how does it get you back on the right track?

You may not have escaped that the entire Necrolimbo area was designed as an educational program. But the tutorial of a challenging and challenging game like Elden Ring can not be like any other game. One of the best lessons you can learn in this place, for example, was taught to you by the famous ranger who patrols the roads of Necrolimbo on horseback. The lesson is that sometimes the best solution is to flee. Sometimes your opponents are too strong for you, and that’s okay.. So of course, you can force combat until you succeed with a stroke of luck or flawless mastery. But the fight will seem unnaturally difficult to you, and that’s normal. The game tries to teach you that you are not supposed to do it right away. It’s a bit harsh way to teach a lesson, but parenting with failure is sometimes good.

However, the Necrolimpo region also teaches you that not everything is impossible. The camp under the castle, for example, teaches us that there are more than enough resources in the game to defeat most enemies one by one, or with allied souls if you feel the need. So the point of From Software is clear: to teach you that To properly enjoy the Elden Ring, you will have to try everything and deduce your preferred approach. Some enemies also have significant weaknesses that can be easily exploited.

For example, monsters in the caves of the underworld carry bags of flammable stone on their backs, which the player can easily detonate with arrows or incendiary bombs, which can be made easily. Same for the terrestrial squid: if they are certainly very resistant to a clash, they die very easily when using poisoned weapons from a distance. To find out this kind of thing, there are not a thousand solutions: you have to try and confront your enemies in many different ways (Or buy notes from merchants, but the result is the same: you have to explore) You lose all of their flavor.

Therefore, From Software prepares enough resources so that the player does not feel completely isolated. There will be corridors harder than others, of course, but if he chooses to try rather than run, The player will be able to understand when to fight and when to come back later.

I’ll come back

Elden Ring: Escape is not a solution, and the game knows it!  But how does it get you back on the right track?

As we know, it is technically possible to complete games from software without improving your avatar.. We remember, for example, that many players have already finished Dark Souls III with Level 1 characters by abusing parryers and scrolls, knowing when to hit with accuracy. However, in Elden Ring, the open side of the game is paired with much more difficult monsters than the rest of the area. (As evidenced by Ranger Necrolimbo, for example). Therefore, the player from the very beginning of the game is faced with the fact that he will have to not only learn to play, but also develop his character.. And if he has to come back later, it’s a good idea to take advantage of what he’s unlocked in the meantime.

Moreover, the improvement of the character and his equipment also goes through a very specific set of things, which can only be obtained by exploring and confronting his enemies.. In that sense, Elden Ring uses a fairly classic RPG mechanic, but it re-customizes it in the same way by spraying its world with well-placed difficulty peaks enough for the player to seriously question whether the problem comes from their mastery of the game. Equipment shortage.

In the end, if the Elden Ring doesn’t really stop you from escaping when you want to, it will reward you if you decide to take on your obstacles. However, he would not hesitate to restrain the enthusiasm of the most reckless people and make them understand that sometimes escaping is the best solution. In short: explore, and you will be rewarded. Explore, and you will be able to face all your enemies more easily, fully enjoying the masterpiece of the program.

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