Computer stuck in custom settings not responding in Windows 11

If you recently installed an update, and when you start your computer you get an error message – custom settings (unresponsive)Some of these suggestions are sure to help you. This error can appear after installing the update and restarting the computer. When this error message appears, users cannot click the desktop icons because they see a black screen and a popup showing the error. This can happen due to many reasons including corrupt system file, failed Windows update, faulty driver, etc.

Computer stuck in custom settings not responding in Windows 11/10

to solve this problem custom settings (unresponsive) Windows 11/10 error, try the following suggestions:

  1. Restart File Explorer
  2. Open File Explorer with Task Manager
  3. Delete the registry key
  4. Use a system restore point
  5. Graphics driver update
  6. Troubleshoot black screen errors.

Computer stuck in custom settings

1]Restart File Explorer

This problem indicates that your Windows Explorer is running in the background but it is stuck and cannot open properly. That’s why a black screen appears on your screen. However, if you restart Windows Explorer manually, you might be able to fix this problem right away. For this, you need to open the task manager.

hurry Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choose Task Manager affiliate. After that select Windows Explorer in the Processes tab > right click on it > select to restart.

Custom Settings Error (Not Responding) in Windows 10

Now you may be able to see your usual desktop and taskbar.

2]Open File Explorer with Task Manager

If the above method does not work, tap Ctrl + Alt + Delete Select Task Manager from the list. After that press Issue option and select Run a new task.

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He writes explorer.exe in the field and press the Enter button. You should now find File Explorer on your screen.

After that, things should be normal.

3]Delete the registry key

If installing an update is causing this problem, you can fix the problem by following this solution. You need to remove this key from the Registry Editor:


To do this, first create a backup of the registry file and then open Registry Editor.

Open the task manager on your computer by following the same steps mentioned earlier.

Then click File > Run a new task to choose. He writes regeditCheck the box Create this task with administrator privileges check box, then tap Okay button. Registry Editor will be launched with the permission of the administrator.

svg %3E

Then go to this path-

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components

In the Installed components folder, you should find a key called:


Right click on it and choose to delete.

4]Use a system restore point

If nothing works, this is probably the last thing you can use on your computer. If you created a system restore point earlier, now is the time to use it to get your PC back to normal. Although this system restore point is very easy to use, you need to use a bootable Windows DVD or USB to restore your system because you cannot access the search box on the taskbar to open the respective options.

Apart from these, you can also follow the following solutions-

  • Restart your computer
  • Use System File Checker to check for possible file corruption. If an update damaged a file during installation, you can fix it using this method.
  • Disconnect all external devices such as external hard drive, USB drive, etc.

5]Update the graphics driver

If the problem recurs, update the graphics driver and see. Sometimes your graphics driver can cause the above problem. So, updating your graphics driver can help you fix it on your PC.

6]Black Screen Troubleshooting

Black screen is very common when your computer fails to load File Explorer or some customization settings. So, you can also troubleshoot black screen errors and see if that helps.

Computer hangs when customizing your screen features


Sometimes you may see a screen Customizing features for you, you are 98%, please keep your computer running And your computer is blocked. Also in this case, you should follow the above suggestions.

If custom settings are not responding in Windows 11/10, you need to restart Windows Explorer from Task Manager, open File Explorer with Task Manager, delete key {89820200-ECBD- 11cf-8B85-00AA005B4340} from Registry Editor, update driver graphics, etc. . Apart from that, you can also consider using a system restore point.

What are the custom settings in Windows 11/10?

Custom settings in Windows 11/10 are just custom settings that users select before installing an update. For example, you often choose a custom background, change the color scheme, etc. All of these things are called custom settings in Windows 11/10.

Hope something here helps you.

Custom settings are not responding

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