Belgian artist Jan Fabre was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence for sexual assault and violence

A strict three-year sentence was required against the choreographer and visual artist. The court considered that half of the charges had expired or had not been proven.

Belgian artist and choreographer Jan Fabre, accused of “sexual harassment” within his dance company, was sentenced Friday, April 29 to an 18-month suspended prison sentence by the Criminal Court in Antwerp (North). A three-year prison sentence was sought for the plastic artist, a figure of contemporary art, who involved twelve former dancers from his company, but the court considered that half of the charges were described or not proven, and some facts date back to 2002.

The verdict upheld the sexual assault of one of the complainants and the violence or humiliation of five others. The Flemish artist, who denied all the charges against him, did not attend his trial and was also absent when the verdict was pronounced. “We are satisfied with this ruling,” This was replied to by Sophie Rice, one of the lawyers representing the civil parties, quoted by the Flemish daily from Standard.

Convicted during the #metoo wave in 2018, 63-year-old Fleming was prosecuted Workplace violence, harassment or sexual harassment To the former dancers of his company Troubleyn. He also had to respond to an “indecent assault” on one of them. The charges for which he faced up to five years in prison.

The 18-month prison sentence is accompanied by a five-year suspension, during which Jean Fabre is deprived of his civil rights, and sets out a copy of the sentence sent to the press. On March 25, the first day of the trial, he was portrayed by civil parties as a tyrannical man, who regularly humiliated dancers and even blackmailed some of them. She described one of the young women, a novice dancer Toxic work environment during the investigation.

Several alleged victims recounted photo sessions of an erotic nature directed by the choreographer, below ‘false claim’ From a publication in an art magazine. Some sessions ended with intercourse. Someone testified that ignoring his progress might be worth the bullying and brutality.

culture of fear

After this crushing picture, the prosecutor asked for three years in prison. It was judged in the testimonies of the victims “Very reasonable” He scolded the choreographer for founding it “Culture of Fear” In the company. His defense during the trial presented a completely different picture of Jean Fabre, portrayed in it “Romantic Illumination”, but sure “Not a criminal”.

“No sex, no solo”

His attorney, Elaine Tretzmans, admitted “strong personality” From the artist known for his provocations, and the fact that he worked with him “She gives 100%” In tough shows where we aim “Real fatigue, real feelings”. “It is not about impotent minors being abused, but about strong educated women who have chosen to go and dance extreme with Jean Fabre.”, pleading Eileen Tretzmans. A major accusation of the file sums up in the eyes of the alleged victims his tendency to harass the formula “No sex, no solo” Denounced by Lawyer Bassem “rumour, gossip”.

The charges relate to the period 2002-2018. In June 2021, after three years of investigation, the Antwerp labor auditor, a specialized division of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, decided to refer Jan Fabre to criminal justice. Works (drawings and sculptures) of this artist exploring themes of death or transformation, religion or science, have been regularly shown in Europe, from Venice to Paris via Saint Petersburg. In 2002, he covered the ceiling of the Hall of Mirrors at the Royal Palace in Brussels with 1.4 million elytra beetles with blue and green reflections, one of his most famous achievements.

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