At least one person was killed in a raid targeting the city of Kyiv, and Russia confirms that it is behind it

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10:23 Russia also confirmed that it was behind the strike that hit Kyiv yesterday. “Russian forces destroyed with long-range high-precision weapons the workshops of the Artyom Aerospace Company in the city of Kyiv”.reassured the Russian Ministry of Defense, during a briefing.

10:24 am : At least one person was killed in a Russian raid on Kyiv while UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was visiting the capital, Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed on Telegram.

09:22 : The United States will bring money back to the table to help Ukraine. US President Joe Biden announced yesterday that he will ask Congress to extend $33 billion, including 20 billion for the supply of additional weapons. (ANNA MONEYMAKER / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP)

10:14 am : It’s past nine o’clock, we’re evaluating:

#Policy The leadership of the Socialist Party admitted in a letter to “La France” frustration “convergences” with his programme. For his part, Julien Bayot, National Secretary for the European Environment – Les Verts, said he did so “Please nice” The negotiations will end in the coming hours. Carry on with our lives.

The French economy is at a standstill. Growth was zero in the first quarter (0%), while inflation continued to rise to 4.8% in one year.

Several strikes hit buildings in Kyiv yesterday, while the Secretary-General of the United Nations was visiting the Ukrainian capital. Here’s what we know about this new bombing.

#Israel_Palestine Clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and the Israeli police wounded 42 people in the courtyard of mosques in Jerusalem.

09:23 : While many Ukrainians have been forced to flee their country since the start of the war, franceinfo has launched a media channel on Telegram to help refugees arriving in France. Find all the necessary information in this article. Franceinfo УКРАЇНА channel (franceinfo Ukraine) on Telegram messaging.  (France Info)(France Info)

08:44 : “The electricity has been working all the time. Hospitals are working, maternity working, trains working…This country is exceptionally resilient”is considered the French ambassador to Ukraine, who returned from the country yesterday.

08:42 : Just“About 200 French” In Ukraine, confirms to BFMTV Etienne de Poncins, the French ambassador to the country. Most of them were French-Ukrainians and did not want to leave. Some of them are French returning to the country, despite the recommendations of the embassy. “a bunch” Some of them just want to leave the country but they can’t.

08:12 : Here are some pictures of the city after the strikes last night. Dukhan (SERGEY Volskiy / AFP)(Sergei Volsky/AFP)

A destroyed apartment building in Kyiv (Ukraine) after a Russian raid, April 28, 2022 (DOGUKAN KESKINKILIC/ANADOLU AGENCY/kyiv)(DOGUKAN KESKINKILIC / Anadolu Agency / Kyiv)

08:31 : “I saw a ball of fire that big. A very big fire, like an explosion!”

The Russian strikes targeted the 25-storey building where Olga lives. “lamWindows were smashed. I ran down the hall, shrapnel flew against the wall, my furniture was smashed. ” Find his testimony here.

07:33 : from his side, The Parisian (paid article) Examines the shortage of sunflower oil after the war in Ukraine. To address this, the Ministry of Economy now allows manufacturers to substitute sunflower oil for palm oil… without always showing it to the product.Le Parisien Cheap Subscription with INFO BOUQUET

07:27 : The death toll from the Russian strikes that struck Kyiv yesterday evening rose from three to ten wounded, according to the ambulance services. Two raids hit the Chevchenkovsky district, “In the lower floors of an apartment building”Mayor Vitali Klitschko said. According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, these are “five missiles” that landed on the Ukrainian capital.

07:30 Here are the main news headlines:

Several strikes hit buildings in Kyiv yesterday, while the Secretary-General of the United Nations was visiting the Ukrainian capital. Antonio Guterres says to himself “shocked” But “in the protection”.

• Eric Dupond-Moretti in the north, Elizabeth Bourne in Calvados and Jean-Michel Blanquer in the Loire … Government ministers embark on the legislative campaign. Here is our summary.

• A new woman has filed a rape complaint against former TF1 news presenter Patrick Poivre d’Arvour. The latter himself announced that he had sued 16 of the 20 women who testified against him for defamation.

An infuriating defeat for OM at Feyenoord last night. The 3-2 loss was caused by a faulty pass from Croatian defender Doug Kalita Carr. We’ll have to do a better job at Vélodrome in a week.

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