A new final, for second place, at Villeneuve-d’Ascq

While the FCBA has primarily relied on the Bercani/Milapi/Akhator trio (45 points in between), Julie Barnes has been able to count on five players between 8 and 24 points, including Reagan Magarretti who remains top (24 points, 69.2% success) , 8 rebounds and 3 assists for 29 ratings): The Swedish interior has scored at least 24 points in four of its last five meetings.

I lost a lot of balloons

Coach Julie Barines recalls: “It was hard to get our heads straight after what we lived through the previous Saturday. It was important to get back to reality, but it was complicated. Charleville started really well and made it difficult for us in the first half and dominated the rebound. In defense we also allow them to play a lot by not strengthening the game, losing a lot of balls and not having a lot of fluidity in attack. In the second half, we changed our offensive strategy by playing another basketball.”

“Going back after that with the knife between our teeth, allowed us to achieve a victory that was by no means obvious”

“We were all a bit tired physically but we were able to find the resources to win here, Captain Marie-Yves Baggett (8 points and 4 assists on Wednesday) enjoyed it. We were also very focused on what we had to do. To the point of correcting a mistake in the half. The first. Going back then with the knife between the teeth, it allowed us to achieve a victory that wasn’t obvious. We were able to re-mobilize to better lock in our defense. And when we went back to the front, we showed some character, barely letting go of the “lead” anymore.”

“Weekend in style”

Therefore, Basket Lands had a sixth consecutive success in all competitions in the Ardennes, securing a place in the top four and thus the advantage of receiving in the event of a support match during the first round of qualifying. “Something good has been done and as Celine (Domirk) said: ‘We just sent a message of hell,’” President Marie-Laurel Lafarge appreciated. The girls seem to be still hungry and want to continue the adventure as far as possible.”

“This team includes very athletic girls who know how to play together, with a very impressive inner sector”

“We don’t want to stop now as there is still a month and a half of competition left,” Julie Barnes continues. So we will do our best to continue our current dynamic. Admittedly, Villeneuve-d’Ascq has a very good squad, so we know what lies ahead in the North. But everything is going so fast at the moment that it is difficult to predict about this meeting. On the other hand, we wanted to maximize recovery, by going directly to the site and with our physiotherapist. Knowing also that Valo stayed by her side immediately to better prepare the playoffs. »

Still without Vukosavljevic

Basketlands showed again, like almost all season, that he (also) knew how to dispense with his international tricolor, which will still be reserved on Saturday, before the playoffs start, Saturday 7 May. After fending off Charleville, it is then a new hunk standing in the way of the French champion, Villeneuve d’Ascq and his seven victories in a row.

Marie-Yves Paget explains: “We know what we’re looking at on Saturday and we’re eager to win again. We expect a complicated debate because this team has very athletic girls, who know how to play together, with a very impressive interior sector (Janelle Salone, 11 points per game). Cariata Diaby, 9.2 points and 7.3 rebounds, editor’s note. This club also has a good dynamic. It’s going to be a hell of a fight, it has to be intense but having an advantage at home in the quarter-finals and semi-finals will be important.”

rat race team

Immediately behind Bourges after defeating Asvel at the hands of leader Beroyer on Wednesday, Basket Lands is clearly seeking second place, during this new ‘final’ in the North, against its only rival. This will allow him to get his best rating in the regular season, since 2014 (the second already).

“There will be pride in finishing 2And, behind Borg, who is untouchable in the regular season, hopes Marie-Laurie Lafarge. Among the other teams, it was the rat race. It would be nice to finish the match against Lyon again, it’s a big challenge. But there is no point in speculating on the sequel, there are a lot of possible scenarios (read below). Before thinking of a semi-final, there will be a quarter to pass which is often very risky. We saw it in the Ligue 2 qualifiers, with two of the top four exiting in the quarter-finals. We especially want to score a new victory, which would certify this dynamic, to allow us to arrive with complete confidence, because we need an extra spirit in the final stages. »

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