Yonne basketball teams have provided the essentials this season, in the pre-national and regional

It has been the season of all doubt, after competitions (and even practice) have been suspended linked to the Covid-19 health crisis. The Yonne teams that participated in the Women’s Pre-National and Regional 2 women’s and men’s tournaments came away with more or less satisfaction.

AS Héry A still has a championship match in the men’s pre-National Championship, then the playoffs for promotion to National 3.

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Ilan Sens Barron: 4th place (11 wins, 7 losses)

After the health crisis, Elan Sens Paron was heading into the unknown. Ilan coach Christophe Lefort recalls, “Despite Covid and the question marks, the goal was very high, because I was aiming for the top three. We bet our chances very quickly by losing four out of five matches from the start., on very small gaps. We passed. A very good second stage, as we lost two games out of the last 11. It’s encouraging. We finished in a draw for 4th, and we were targeting the top 3…I appreciated the players’ reaction and behaviour, even when we weren’t feeling well. We will try to stay that way. “.

For Ilan, who lost Annabelle Gillette to injury in the last game, it will be important to strengthen him. Christophe Lefort also anticipates another state of mind for some: “I can’t leave with players who train a bit. I won’t leave with a group where you have to pick the players,” he warns.

USC Monéteau 9th (3 wins, 14 losses, 1 loss)

The season was complicated for UCSM, which was hesitant until the last minute to name a team. “Today, I can’t say if we will be in Prénationale next year,” admits Regis Meyer. He himself would like to leave the presidency. “Olivier Bellucci, coach, has stopped,” he declared.

Beyond these doubts, whether or not to keep Monéteau in Prénationale depends on reforming the championship (which can go to twelve teams), in the descendants of the top divisions …

“Today, we don’t have a competitive team in the Pre-National next year,” Regis Merrard slide anyway. Élodie Deharbe and Audrey Scarpari must stop the competition, Raphalle Dupas will be absent for the next few months and players can leave to study.

Women’s Territory 2

BB Vermentonnais, 2nd place (11 wins, 2 losses, 1 loss)

Ferminton was in the lead for most of the season, before losing a match on the green carpet…and with him, first place was synonymous with promotion to Prénationale. “We don’t know how it will go next year because they are reviewing the Pre-National Championship: we may be able to get to it anyway, if they get on with more teams, hopefully Frederic Pinochet, Vermenton coach. We set up a group, with four girls from another club, as well as Four girls from the house, mayonnaise was ready. We had a very good season, very good matches, brought in the crowd, and we had a great match in Coupe de France against National 3 where we lost only 4 points … and we almost achieved an achievement.”

After such a promising season, the coach has high hopes for the next, regardless of the grade.

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Men’s Regional 2

AS Héry B, 3rd (11 wins, 7 losses)

Hyeri B had been hoping to save himself during youth training and join his team’s A line (in pre-home). “The goals were fully achieved, coach Charlie Magnian smiles. There are four youngsters who in turn strengthened the team. Maintenance was almost gained in the middle of the season. Adding a player during the season – Pato Lumbutu – made us hope to climb a little higher in the classification. In January and February, we had A big winning streak, which allowed us to hold onto third place which was unexpected.We are very, very, very happy we said to each other that we wanted to keep our immunity against Yoon teams, which we were able to do.

Héry B’s future depends on the fate of Team A who has yet to finish their championship.

CTC Yun position, 6th place (9 wins, 9 losses)

The Jovinians’ only goal was preservation. “We’ve done more since we finished sixth, two wins behind us, their coach Samad Taheri confirms. If we hadn’t lost at home against Hery and Abou St., we could have been second and third. There are no regrets: we had a very good season. , and we had serious injuries, especially Jeremy Cavelier and Clement Ribacourt, who are two important players. It was still complicated, the season. We never had the typical team to work with. Fortunately, we had quality in the group. We managed to get a good team though Of everything. Our goals have been largely achieved.”

Still, the next season is uncertain. The CTC is very focused on training, would like to have a U-20 team and many top players can stop.

Ilan Sens Barron, 9th place (5 wins, 13 losses)

After several seasons without a coach, Elan Sens Paron left almost a new team (9 players out of 12), including the coach.

“The start of the season was very complicated, we had a lot of big defeats, we analyzed this, Sebastian Ribeiro. We were able to correct the situation a little bit and get more and more sympathetic results. We had a good development throughout the year: it’s a big positive point. The main objective was Maintenance: Goal achieved. If I had a small problem: it was better to ensure it was maintained early in the season. And we haven’t had any away wins: In 10 years of training, this is a first for me…”

Sebastian Ribeiro will be delighted to take charge of the team for next season.

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