Where and how do you find the May 2022 console?

PS5. If you also want to buy Playstation 5, the leader in home consoles according to Sony, you will be pleased to know that we have gathered all the useful information for an efficient purchase.

[Mis à jour le 28 avril 2022 à 12h02] PlayStation 5 is not far from celebrating its eighteenth month on this earth. A turbulent existence, marked from its inception by disruptions in supply and production problems that greatly affected the home console market. The fault of the coronavirus pandemic that has severely hampered the chip market, and at the same time the fault of gaming, computing and automobiles. Far from escaping this precarious situation, the Playstation 5 suffered a lot from it, due to its much higher popularity than its rival Xbox Series X, which led to a demand that is difficult to meet. Since then, the situation has changed little or not at all. Playstation 5 drops are still more frequent, but grabbing the console still requires almost athletic preparation and a small dose of luck. To help you in your quest for Playstation 5, we’ve put together all the very useful information to buy as soon as possible, as well as the best deals for your used console. Here you will also find discounts on accessories and the best PS5 games.

Find live PS5 stock tracking:

How to buy PS5?

Getting a PS5 is a far cry from the usual stroll through supermarkets or just ordering online. Since the console’s release in December 2020, its status is still very specific. The PS5 was released straight from stock and in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s quickly becoming a mythical topic. It was rare that he could get another copy, and even rarer than the copies available for sale. Since then, Playstation 5 hunting has almost become a sport, with its own rules, players, and referees. If you want to learn more about the various tips you need to know to buy your console, the slide below is for you.

Used PS5 at a high price

Finding a used PS5 may still be the best way to get the latest Sony console today. Unfortunately, the flea market is as prolific as the new one, with copies of the console being offered at prices sometimes more than double the original retail price. As we remember, the PS5 was sold by Sony for 399 euros for its digital version, and 499 euros for its standard version. Therefore, second-hand purchases are reserved for buyers who want to have the console at any price, regardless of price. For others, see the slideshow below and the live track of PS5 stock trends.

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