Tips for iOS: Monster Hunter Stories, DEEMO -Reborn- and OK Golf

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Today’s iOS Deals: 2 free apps, 5 free games, and 4 promotions including Monster Hunter Stories, DEEMO Reborn, and OK Golf. Chance to save 48 €!

Every day the editorial team discovers the best deals of the day on the App Store: free app, free game or on sale for a limited time. If an iOS app tempts you, hurry up to download it during the cuts! Developers can raise the price at any time, and this is also a good iPhone plan or a good iPad plan.

iOS Tips

Free iOS Games:

yoursudoku ipa iphone ipad game codeYour Sudoku (Game, Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v6.00, 65 MB, iOS 11.0, Oscar Tsang) It goes from 4.99 euros to free.

Sudoku (数), originally called Number Place, is a logic-based combinatorial puzzle. This application offers more than 10,000 parts of Sudoku…

It offers more than 100 Sudoku games for beginners, so you can learn to play Sudoku, but it also has 1000 more complex games…


Download free game Your Sudoku

Drop flip ipa iphone ipad game iconDrop the flop! (Game, iPhone/iPad, v3.0.6, 10MB, iOS 12.0, Andre Spencer) It goes from 0.99 euros to free.

Test your reaction skills in this game by tapping the screen to make the ball bounce! The game is easy to learn and hard to master:

  • Tap the screen to throw the ball
  • Time your strokes to catch each ball
  • Play at your own pace

Download free game Drop the flop!

drop flop ipa iphone ipad capture game

demo reborn ipa iphone ipad game codeDEEMO -Reborn- (Game, Music/Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v1.1.1, 2.3 GB, iOS 13.0, Rayark International Limited) It goes from 1.99 euros to free.

A girl who fell from the sky forgot her past. Deemo plays the piano himself in the treehouse world; their casual meeting.

Music flows when fingers hit the piano keys.
It’s the beginning of a magical journey…

The sequel DEEMO puts you around an ancient castle and a mysterious tree that grows as the sound of a melody blasts through the air. You must control the little girl who has fallen from the sky and help her find her way through the mysteries and puzzles of the castle. To achieve this, you will have to find the missing music tracks, unlock new locations and discover the truth.

Yes, the rhythm game Guitar Hero is much more written than this game and adds a good dose of puzzles compared to its predecessor. This enriches the gameplay worked around 60 classic songs which contribute greatly to the lyrical and even somber atmosphere of the title.

Download free game DEEMO -Reborn-

Demo reborn ipa iphone ipad capture game

peppa pig amusement park ipa iphone ipad game iconPeppa Pig: Amusement Park (Game, Education, iPhone/iPad, v1.2.8, 431 MB, iOS 10.0, Entertainment One) It goes from 2.99 euros to free.

Peppa is visiting the amusement park and she wants you to go with her!

Fans of the TV show will love this theme park app that encourages kids to explore the wonderful world of Peppa with loads of fun games featuring their favorite characters.


  • Includes 8 fun games with Peppa, George and their families and friends
  • Ride around the amusement park by train and pick up and drop off passengers

Download free game Peppa Pig: Amusement Park

Peppa Pig amusement park game pick up ipa iphone ipad

hackstack icon game ipa iphoneHackstack (Game, Action/Simulation, iPhone, v3.0.1, 58MB, iOS 12.0, Tunks LLC) It goes from 2.99 euros to free.

Enter CYBERVERSE and be the best crypto hacker with super fast multitasking. HackStack is designed to keep you smooth with high APM gameplay.

Click, slide, grab, aim and solve your way through a variety of mods to become the master of the electronic world. Don’t let units stack too high or prepare for overflow!


  • Four corners to conquer, each with multiple levels
  • More than 20 unique touch units to unlock

Download free game Hackstack

Hackstack capture ipa iphone game

Free iOS Apps:

plants icon lighting app ipa iphone ipadplants and lighting (App, iPhone/iPad, v3.17.1, 217 MB, iOS 13.0, Studio Nano Ship, Inc.) It goes from 0.99 euros to free.

Do you love having plants but can’t keep them for long? Did you know that the lack of light is the second reason for their disappearance?

With Plants & Lighting, bugs are over! It will tell you if the placement is good or not!


Download the free app plants and lighting

lock notes pro app icon ipa iphone ipadNotes Lock Pro (App, iPhone/iPad, v2.2.15, 8MB, iOS 13.0, JulyApps Ltd) It goes from 2.99 euros to free.

Keep your most important personal notes safe from prying eyes. Keep your notes hidden and secure. Store passwords, secrets, and contacts, or keep your notes private.


  • Block access to notes with a password
  • Notes are automatically backed up to iTunes and iCloud

Download the free app Notes Lock Pro

lock notes pro capture app ipa iphone ipad

iOS Specials:

Monster Hunter Stories ipa iphone ipad game codemonster hunter stories (Game, Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.00.05, 3.8 GB, iOS 8.0, CAPCOM) From €21.99 to €4.99.

There is a world where people live by hunting monsters. But a small village decided to adopt a different lifestyle.

These are the knights, those who communicate with monsters.

Knights live in harmony with monsters and form unbreakable bonds with them, thanks to mysterious artifacts called friendship jewels.

The monsters that befriend the knights are called monsters. As you become a rider, you can tame the Monsties and ride them to explore the world. Go on an adventure without delay!

Download monster hunter stories priced at 4.99 €

Monster Hunter Stories Capture ipa iphone ipad game

Rusty lake hotel ipa iphone ipad game iconRusty Lake Hotel (Game, Puzzle/Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.4, 44MB, iOS 9.0) From €2.99 to €0.99.

Take care of Rusty Lake hotel guests and make sure they have a good time. 5 meals will be served this week. Make every meal a killer!

Rusty Lake Hotel is a mysterious point-and-click game developed by the creators of the Cube Escape series.


Download Rusty Lake Hotel at 0.99 €

rusty lake hotel pick up ipa iphone ipad game

ok golf ipa iphone ipad iconOKGolf (Game, Sports/Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v2.2.0, 562 MB, iOS 8.0, Okidokico Entertainment Inc.) From 3.99 € to 0.99 €.

Discover a new way to play golf with OK Golf that combines the flexibility of Minecraft with the talent of Tiger Woods! Graphically speaking, the game offers gameplay that is terribly easy to understand but hard to master. Analyze each position before swinging or lifting.

Without an in-app purchase, we love OK Golf that lets you approach every hole the way you want.


  • Unique golf game

  • for all levels

Download OKGolf at 0.99 €

Ok golf pick up ipa iphone ipad

Final fantasy tactics war ipa iphone game iconFinal Fantasy Tactics: Lions War (Game, Simulation/Role Playing, iPhone, v2.2.0, 674 MB, iOS 8.0, SQUARE ENIX) From 14.99 euros to 6.99 euros.

Although this great tactical RPG has just received HD graphics for all units and improvements to the rendering engine, it is for sale!
We loved it on PS1 and then on iOS when it was released (see our testing), though production issues are now behind us.

The gem of the scenario and depth of the game, this is how the best game of its kind on the App Store is summed up. If you’re looking for a title where strategy really means something, FF Tactics is for you.


Download Final Fantasy Tactics: Lions War priced at 6.99 €

Final fantasy tactics capture war ipa iphone game

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