Since the war in Ukraine, questions of the death of the Russian oligarch

War in Ukraine – they were found killed in Lloret del Mar, Nizhny Novgorod, London or Saint Petersburg. Since the beginning of the year, several Russian oligarchs have been discovered after apparent suicides, often accompanied by family members who also died. Funeral series raises questions, especially at the time of the invasion of Ukraine.

The last of them is Sergei Protosinya, a millionaire who made his fortune from managing the giant private gas company, Novatek. He was found hanged in his villa in Costa Brava, Spain, on April 19. Next to him lay his wife and 18-year-old daughter, their bodies stabbed. And if blood-stained knives were found nearby, the Spanish press reported that no trace of blood appeared on his clothes. There is no need to worry about the employer, who has already removed any “speculation” on the issue.

But is it a suicide after a family drama or a disguised triple murder? The local police are interrogating and investigating. Especially since the case reminds us of other cases as reported by the American magazine for the first time NEWSWEEK.

“Masked murder”

Just the day before, Vladislav Avaev, the former number two of Gazprombank, the financial arm of the Russian energy giant and Russia’s third largest bank, was also found dead. In Moscow, his bullet-ridden body was discovered alongside the corpse, once again, of his pregnant wife Yelena and his 13-year-old daughter Maria, in a luxurious apartment that was locked from the inside.

A case immediately described as a 50-year-old’s double murder followed by a suicide by Russian state media, but its story doesn’t convince everyone. So Igor Volopov, another leader of Gazprombank, after declaring that he would fight against Russia side by side with the Ukrainians, declared that he was thinking instead of staging. “Why do I think this is a cosmetic murder? Maybe because he knew too much and was threatening someone’s interests.” Remember that Vladislav Afaev was an important member of Vladimir Putin’s administration in the past.

But Gazprom and its sheikhs were not spared from this series of deaths that raise suspicion. At the end of January, Leonid Shulman, an important executive of the group, allegedly killed himself in his home, near Saint Petersburg, by cutting his veins. Then on February 25, a day after the start of the Russian invasion, another senior director of the company, Alexander Tyuliakov, was discovered hanged in his house, in the same neighborhood near the “Venice of the North”.

Kick out lawyers and companies that stumble

As for these two cases, the Russian press confirmed that suicide papers were discovered near the two bodies, the first of which provokes unbearable pain in the leg due to the injury. But the American media luck Reports also indicate that Leonid Shulman was under investigation for fraud during his work and several publications indicated that Alexander Tyuliakov had returned home injured the day before his suicide, bearing signs that called for a beating. Independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta He further adds that forensic experts were dismissed by Gazprom’s security service when they began their examinations.

The same scenario on February 28 in London with Michael Watford. This businessman, who made his fortune in the oil and gas sectors at the collapse of the Soviet Union before creating a real estate empire in the United Kingdom, has already been discovered hanging in the garage of his mansion in Great London. The death is still unexplained and the British police are trying to uncover it.

And in the middle of March, Vasily Melnikov, the billionaire and head of a large pharmaceutical company (Medstom), who was found dead, accompanied by his wife and their two sons, had the four bodies stabbed with stab wounds inside. Apartment in Nizhny Novgorod, Western Russia. Once again, the Russian press immediately provoked a family drama followed by a suicide, especially since Midstom was on the verge of economic collapse due to the sanctions imposed by the West since the invasion of Ukraine.

The mysterious death, an old crisis in the era of Putin

The deaths, taken separately, can all appear as diverse facts, but their rapid sequence necessarily casts doubt, as Sergei Zhirnov, a former Russian intelligence service, recently pointed out. To our colleagues from TV5 Monde. The possibility of a suicide wave linked to the context of Western sanctions and the fortunes they were able to undo was also raised, since the majority of these six deaths occurred after the start of the Russian invasion, or even special cases related to the family. Attitudes and jealousy.

But, as Sergei Zhirnov reminds us, the course of liquidations ordered by the Russian authorities and carried out by secret services cannot be ruled out. Opinion shared by the Warsaw Institute, outlining le Figaroespecially because most of these guys all worked in the same energy sector.

Already in 2017, the American daily USA TODAY He published an investigation listing nearly forty deaths of prominent economic and political figures in Russia, as well as diplomats. With a rather clear hint from Vladimir Kara-Murza, an opponent of the Moscow government, who himself was the victim of several attempts at poisoning: people who, one way or another, found themselves compatriots with the Kremlin. ”

And this is without mentioning cases of media poisoning involving Alexei Navalny, one of the most prominent opponents, or ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, in the UK.

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