PlayStation Plus: Two-hour demos of the big PS4 and PS5 games, is it too much or not enough?

game news PlayStation Plus: Two-hour demos of the big PS4 and PS5 games, is it too much or not enough?

The info – as surprisingly – fell yesterday: Sony will soon force “big game” developers to offer at least two-hour demos on PS4 and PS5, as part of a PlayStation Plus revamp. Good news in appearance but can pose different problems on a case by case basis.

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So yes, the new PS Plus codename (Spartacus) indicates a strong strategy on Sony’s part, seeking to challenge the more aggressive Xbox Game Pass. But the company also appears ready to tighten the noose around its developers. Game developer media, contacted by several studios, supports that PlayStation will now force creators of the PS4 and PS5 “big games”, whose negotiated price is equal to or more than $34 (€33) with Sony, to produce Trials for at least 2 hours. News that was to appear in the lines of the PlayStation developer portal. however, Kotaku And Gauthier Gotuz AndresThe former Gamekult journalist claims that PlayStation will support these shows “by default,” so as not to force studios extra work. Contacted by JV, Sony has declined to comment on the rumors.

Either way, these evaluation editions will eventually join PlayStation Plus Premium, which is the maximum level of the new subscription offer that Sony recently introduced. However, according to various sources, demos should be available for a maximum of three months after the said game’s release and for at least one year. Finally, titles in VR or at a lower price tag (under $34) won’t be affected.

Demos, outdated?

As a player, the news is necessarily encouraging. Even if the golden age of demos is far from us, rating versions – or beta access – are still there The best way to get an opinion on a game. It’s a bit like a logical aberration for cinema trailers. If a taste of a movie must be seen, the video game requires that you be on hand to see all of its fun dimensions. Unfortunately, demos today are increasingly rare, especially on console. So much so that there are now events dedicated to them: Steam Next Fest or the Game Awards beta.

demos, a communication object relatively turned upside down with the arrival of a subscription format like Xbox Game Pass. Better than trying out a game you fancy for a few minutes, why not pay a handful of euros and play the full version? PlayStation has understood this well. But unlike Microsoft, the company is not ready to publish its popular movies on the day they are released in the new PS Plus. His solution: Introducing his premium subscribers Limited access to the latest Sony triple-A, as we learned last month. So it appears that this bonus now applies to all titles greater than or equal to $34. Enough to make PlayStation Plus Premium a more attractive offering than ever.

good and bad

However, the demo does not happen on its own, Game Developer points out. “On the other hand, big publishers like Activision Blizzard, 2K Games, or in-house Sony studios are more likely to have the resources to create these time-limited game experiences (…) less than your competitors’ resources Select the broker. PlayStation Directions It can then be seen as completely one-sided, which is counterbalanced by the second piece of information on the topic, which you would like Sony to support demos “by default”. Of course this solution would be the best. Last July, many studios mediocre denounce Already scattered contacts with PlayStation and a noticeable lack of visibility on the PS Store.

“Default” because developers will also have the ability to submit their own demo, which will then be verified on a case-by-case basis by Sony. A welcome solution, which nevertheless requires greater investment from developers. Because The first two hours of a title are often unrepresentative From the final experience, in good or bad. We talk for example about the “first hour experience” to have a title at first very intense and amazing but slower later. On the contrary, there are games with a long introduction that reveal themselves more than two hours later: Red Dead Redemption II. In addition to soft materials with a short life span, this part is also a large part of the end game.

So the rule may have different effects depending on the situation. “Smart studios can maximize these experiences in the chances of acquiring new players, but with no promise of paying in the end, there may be a lot of work to do with little gain.” Another game developer note. Kotaku journalist Ethan Gatsch said, Confirms I heard concerns about Monetization feature from Sony But its revenue will not be shared with developers. So we will have to wait for an official statement from Sony. The new PlayStation Plus will go into effect next June.

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