Madi McCann case unpublished disclosure of the main suspect!

The Maddie McCann case: A new suspect has been discovered, and here’s an exclusive to the family’s main reveal, it’s exciting!

On Friday, April 22, Maddie McCann’s parents spoke. In fact, they learned that a German suspect, Christian Bruckner, had been indicted.

Thursday, April 21, Portuguese police requested the formal charge of this man. We explain everything to you!

Fourteen years ago, investigators have been desperately searching for who kidnapped 3-year-old English girl Maddie McCann in 2007.

She had disappeared in Portugal while on vacation with her family. Last October, German police believed they had found his kidnapper. “We are convinced we have the man who kidnapped and killed her,” Hans Christian Walters told The Mirror last fall. But everything has changed since then.

At that time, after the disappearance of their 3-year-old daughter, her English parents gave an interview to Paris-Match magazine. Their daughter disappeared while she slept in the house they rented while on vacation in Portugal. They were eating in a restaurant with their friends. They were far from imagining the terrible tragedy that was about to happen.

“We had a great week. We came with a group of friends who had kids. We had more friends. There was a kids club with lots of activities. mother Kate said. “Madeleine, in particular, had so much fun. One day she went sailing with the club,” said her father, Jerry. And to add: “In the evening, the adults stayed together and the children played by their side. Sometimes we had fun hiding and they chased after us.

Rather explosive evidence in the Maddie McCann case

“Of course we felt guilty for being in the restaurant when she disappeared. She will always be there, but the one who broke in and kidnapped Madeleine is the most guilty, I think,” her mother agrees. If we had to ask ourselves:

“Are they safe? We’d never leave them. We never thought there was any danger. We thought we were serious and responsible. I didn’t even think of a burglary. Never expect anyone to come to your house and take your child to bed. His father explains the only reason we We go back and forth is their waking state.

Soon, the couple was subjected to unprecedented media pressure. “From day one, it was huge. Journalists came from all over the world […]. I guess we had no choice, we were faced with an instant decision. We communicate or we hide. And if we were in hiding, I’m sure there would have been just as much fanfare. People were thinking, “Why are they hiding? We chose to communicate so that people are looking for Madeleine. This is the culture we have in the UK,” explained Jerry McCann.

They were also suspected. But they played the game and answered all the questions asked by the investigators. We were witnesses, and we knew we were going to be scrutinized. We cooperated fully and tried to influence the investigation in a positive way by providing the items.” His wife added, “By doing so, it was the best way to find Madeleine. You have to try everything, do not regret anything. You have to go ahead. »

Maddie McCann: “I’m not saying if I believe what he told me.”

If Maddie’s parents hope to see her again, they will not be immune to the many twists and turns. According to The Sun, Christian Bruckner, who has been silent for two years about his involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance, has just revealed the details of his “alibi” during an exclusive interview from prison. This interview will be broadcast on May 3rd on PBS. The sexual predator claims to have an alibi the day Maddie disappeared in 2007.

Maddie McCann: “He has had nearly two years to explain his position but he still refuses to comment. A source close to the case in Germany commented, ‘It’s confusing that he remains silent and gives an explanation at the end.'” And this source continued: ‘It is strange that he gives details of a documentary. TV, not to the authorities.


Mark Williams Thomas, the British detective who appeared in the documentary, claimed that Christian Bruckner told him “where exactly was the night of Madeleine’s disappearance”. He explained his position to me in detail. He also insists that he is completely innocent,” says the investigator. “My investigations revealed some explosive evidence, but I do not say whether I believe what he told me. Mark Williams Thomas concludes that the judgment is up to the viewers. For more information, see the May 3 “Madeleine McCann: Prime Suspect” documentary on AMC’s crime.

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