Dying Light 2: Patch 1.3 adds a new game + and a whole bunch of new stuff

As promised, Dying Light 2 expands with an NG+ mode for those who want to repeat the adventure with greater difficulty and new content.

Techland teased us until the end of April and kept their promise, the new Game plus mode is coming to Dying Light 2 with patch 1.3 and at the same time exclusive content is being shipped.

Dying Light 2 expands and extends its life

In addition, the update fixes a lot of bugs, especially with regard to the co-op mode that has suffered from major stability issues and even adds a new mission and variant for the infected “Goon”. What to wait before the narrative DLC that is already in development arrives.

Dying Light 2 Patch Notes 1.3 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One

new game +

After the game is completed once, it can be played again, but this time with changing settings to encourage second play while implementing a unique system and experience. The player can now go through the story with renewed mechanics. These include new enemy behaviors, more difficult encounters, new things in the world, and many other changes that will change the gameplay drastically and allow the player to develop his character further. All this is only available in New Game +!

  • 30 new inhibitor
  • New platinum goals for parkour challenges
  • Update enemy distribution day and night
  • Added a new legendary weapon layer
  • Golden encounters have been added
  • The difficulty of the enemies varies depending on the level of the player.

CO-OP . mode

  • Fixed connection and stability issues in co-op mode
  • Fixed connection issues with players in Story Mode.
  • Game performance in co-op has been improved
  • Fixed discontinuation of many collaborative stories
  • Fixed an issue preventing progression in single player game mode after a co-op session.
  • Fixed some death rings remaining in co-op mode
  • Fixed an issue where a NPC would disappear during a missing persons mission in a co-op session.
  • Collaborative quality improvement
  • Improved visualization of weapons in the menu and online inventory
  • Improved management of challenge requirements in co-op
  • Static Bandits have been randomly redeployed while players are still in the Bandit Camp.
  • Fixed the player not being able to access the inventory or map after dying multiple times in co-op.
  • Fixed story progress getting stuck with ‘Enemies Nearby’ notification.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a player would be unable to move after being revived.
  • Fixes for peer redeployment away from the host and redeployment architecture
  • Fixed AI disruption in random cases
  • Various animations have been improved in co-op mode: bending, throwing, using a bow, etc.
  • Fixed audio repetition in co-op mode
  • Fixed rare instances of Mission Radio dialogue becoming unresponsive in co-op, causing the story to stop.
  • Fixed display of incorrect symbols on the map after a co-op game.
  • Fixed “Call for help” when summoning a player during a co-op.
  • Fixed black screens in certain situations which could cause progression locks during co-op progress
  • Fixed an issue with unnecessary text regarding ‘Skills Required’ in the challenge description during a co-op session.
  • Updated duration of tutorial windows to 30 seconds during collaboration sessions
  • Fixed a bug allowing the player to run multiple story missions.

new content

  • Mutant Infection – A new mission has been added: Something big has been found here, which includes Goon’s special elemental variants.


  • Enemies with bows are less annoying – damage is reduced.
  • Correctly completed achievements are awarded upon completion. This also works for achievements made before the update.
  • Fixed a bug that left Howlers invulnerable.
  • Fixed the ability to quickly switch between map areas after completing various missions.
  • Fixed random human errors in AI
  • Fixed the prevention of hits with arrows
  • Fixed rewards missing after bandit encounters
  • Fixed rotating viral movement in GRE facilities.
  • Hook hook. The constraints of attraction have changed: longer swings return the values ​​of perpendicular attraction; The first attraction value is greater.


  • Fixed a bug with hanging on the wall during the “Go Waltz” mission.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck after using the Inhibitor or opening the inventory after getting the Inhibitor in the Plague Signs quest.
  • Fixed a map display bug in The Only Way Out
  • Fixed the disappearance of Hakon in “Into Darkness” after co-op play.
  • Fixed being inaccessible to Sophie in the raid mission.

User Interface and Experience

  • Added FOV slider on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.
  • Improved UI texture
  • Issues with switching from keyboard to gamepad have been resolved
  • Fixed blocker popup in Plague Signs mission.
  • View the fixed task in the magazine
  • Show fixed tutorial window
  • Fixed display of weapon durability, mission tracking, and inventory management on ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo’s second screen.
  • Aiden no longer has to pretend as the letter T in the main menu.
  • Fixed crashes related to starting the game with a resolution of 5760 x 1080
  • Fixed display of incorrect numbers on the immunity bar
  • Minor changes to computer key bindings


  • Improve game stability
  • Fixed multiple crash sources
  • Frame rate stability has been improved on different map locations.
  • Fixed several bugs that allowed players to see in and out of the map texture
  • Fixed occasional texture issues in various places on the map.
  • Various audio issues have been fixed

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