Clear, crisp and free of stains

After the defeat in the Coupe de France final, the SIGmen were expected to attend during their meeting against Orléans. Predict that they were able to meet him since the coach’s team died without much discussion dominated OLB who had no say in the debate. A doomed collective victory (71-104) without fear which is reassuring and makes it possible to prepare to go on quietly.

Some tension in the Strasbourg team at the start of the match. The SIGmen’s actions were a bit muddled and Aurelian took the opportunity to make a small gap after the 2:6-3. Fortunately, Yannis Morin found the error and was quickly followed by Jordan Howard who set his sights on 3 points. Thus, thanks to 3-9, the Alsatians regained their heads for control: 9-12, 4′. The team was on the move and the ball was flowing well, providing some good positions behind the arc that our team was eager to convert. Thus, after 3 consecutive times, the lead was a good 2″ from the end of the quarter: 14-22, 8″. Overall, the 5/7 long distance was a great feature in this period, which was well controlled. end 1Verse Quarter: 18-27 (Score: 11-36).

Momentum was on our side. Comfortable behind the line at 6m 25 as in their garden, Jordan Howard and his gang followed and our lead became very useful. Thus, after 3’30, coach Orleans had to take a break when he saw his team’s deficit rise to 15 units after 1-9 from SIGmen: 21-36, 13’30. The locals let the storm pass and reassured themselves by scoring 8-0 at a brisk pace, but the coach’s team died in place and didn’t let it count. In fact, he fell behind 0-6 without appeal showing our desire to return to Alsace with a win (31-44, 17’30). Unfortunately the end of the period was somewhat synonymous with relaxation and we would have done well without the 9-2 shaking as it allowed Marcus Page and his gang to still be able to believe their luck on the break. Half time: 38-46 (Rating: 32-52).

Dominating the rebounds (17-12), in terms of passes (13-6) and skill (17/30 for Strasbourg), SIG Strasbourg could blame themselves for giving up in the last two minutes because our lead could legitimately have been greater.

We shouldn’t give up on that and our players knew that well. Our SIGmen jumped at the throats of OLB players who couldn’t find fault or stop SIG Strasbourg. Without forcing and in earnest, Cam Taylor and Leo Cavalier increased their team’s lead to 13 points (40-53, 23). Emmanuel Terry was trying to keep his team afloat, but they couldn’t find the solutions to the worries from the well-equipped Alsatian group. Thus, after a fresh 3-point rocket from Jordan Howard and a very easy counter-attack basket from Amine Noah, Strasbourg made their biggest lead of the match so far: 47-63, 27’30. And as a bonus, we were cruising on the Stratosphere title in 3 points (12/21), this match started to turn into a demo and the result was already pretty clear to me 3 . endy Quarter: 52-73 (Rating: 40-89).

The last quarter was then far from the cross for the locals who had just borne the brunt of the sweet reaction of the Strasbourg collective who were eager to show their true colours. The layoff was complete on the part of OLB and it must be said that we pushed them really well into the abyss with a stunning 3-point title (16/29). Time progressed and the gap was only widening and 6′ from the end, no one had any illusions: 58-87, 33’30. There was no stat line in our favour and +34 at 3’40 off the bell was well due: 64-98, 36’20. Jordan Howard 7/12 in 3 points to punctuate his excellent match with 23 points or Amin Noah 18 points, 5 lbs, 3 parts were exemplary of the found Strasbourg group that just gave a lesson to Orléans who finally bowed with 35 points. Final score 71-104 (Score: 63-129).

A clear, clean and flawless victory that allows you to put your head back in place and feel good. 18y This season that brings us a bit closer to the playoffs and which has made it possible above all else to see that the SIG Strasbourg group did not disappear overnight. Confirmation expected this Saturday at Rhenus against JL Bourg. SIGArmy, we are counting on you!

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