Basketball: Laurent Villa came home on the Cholet bench on Saturday against Elan

Day 31 of the tournament, this Saturday at 8 p.m., is the day of the true reunion. Laurent Vila, now Cholet’s coach, will finally clear the mansion and its corridors. The enclosure that was his home…

Day 31 of the tournament, this Saturday at 8 p.m., is the day of the true reunion. Laurent Vila, now Cholet’s coach, will finally clear the mansion and its corridors. Barn was his main home for many years until he became the head coach (January 2018 – March 2021). A special moment in which different feelings mingle. But the coach’s sputum sets the goal in mind: to do well in the fierce battle for the top eight.

Tomorrow, you will see the Sports Palace again. How emotionally aware of this homecoming?

At home, it’s fun (laughs)! I always have so much fun when I go back to Pau. I’m so glad he’s coming at the end of the season, seeing the people I know and appreciate over the years. Now, I don’t think emotion will take over. We come to play a game. There will be a time to salute knowledge and another to play and try to win.

Do you regret not pursuing this new era within the club with the arrival of American investors from CSG (Counter Point Sports)?

Not at all, I knew my position. You’re left for a new challenge, Chollet. I can live this year as a supporter of Ilan Bernier. I find that for an announced transition season, it’s very nice of them. In my opinion, this Coupe de France won by making it a successful 2021-2022 workout.

How did you face Pau’s coronation in the Coupe de France final?

very good ! I was really happy to see a good basketball game, and a good final. I was happy to see the enthusiasm of the fans who came to Percy. It’s great for players, the device and the club. Then he gives ideas. We always want to win prizes, which is why we do the job. It is the holy grail of all coaches and players. The title is an indelible line in the charts.

She did not attack the season with a record of 5 wins – 12 losses. Do you attribute this complex start to your adaptation to a new environment?

Not at all, I was well received at Cholet. We played really well at times even if we lost at the end by a point or two. In recent possession like on the road with a great shot from Brandon Jefferson. It’s the law of all teams experiencing ups and downs. But we remained united, we found solutions to raise the bar.

Since then, I’ve maintained 10 hits over the last 13 days. What are the keys to this recovery?

First of all, the fact of being able to recruit two players, TJ Campbell and OD Anosike, who brought maturity. Then, the defensive improvement allows for more consistency. Wins build confidence: both before matches, and among teammates. It helps reverse the trend: meetings that we could have lost, we win. The duel against Le Portel is painful. Admittedly, they played better but we left it in the end. As in the other parts. But we have to get up because everything is complicated by the narrow level between so many teams.

With a balanced record of 15 wins-15 losses, despite a very difficult calendar (Elan Béarnais, Boulogne-Levallois, ASVEL, Monaco), are you still hoping for playoffs or is it a utopia?

We are currently only one success away from the Pau Club or the other clubs. Four days left: it is a challenge to be taken because it is exciting and exciting. We want to put ourselves in the next game with a desire to win.

What do you think will be the face of Ilan Bernier: facing the four defeats in a row in the league or the cup final?

It is impossible to guess (laughs). Anyway, we’ll take the team facing us. The goal is to destabilize them and try to win. At Brandon Jefferson and Justin Bibbins, we want to limit their returns as everyone they encounter. We know the strengths and weaknesses of this team. It is up to us to exploit them. We know this move can allow us to get back to their level in the rankings. The context is enough to show the importance of the encounter.

Coupe de France show to the public tonight and tomorrow

After their fourth title in the Coupe de France, last Saturday, against Strasbourg (95-86), Eric Partiske and his players headed straight to Lyon to play a late game of the tournament in Asfael (106-90) last Tuesday.
Back in Pau, the sharing moments will begin. On Friday evening, from 6:30 p.m., the Robert Posnell Cup will be presented in front of Town Hall. On Saturday, before the match against Cholet (at 8pm), spectators can take their pictures with the trophy in the club store. Finally, the players and staff will present the trophy to all spectators at the end of the match.

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