Tech in Africa: “Leopad”, 100% Congolese computer

Africa has not yet said its last word in the technology sector. There is more and more good news about many inventions and many innovations developed by Africans in many African countries, in many fields. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in particular, Young designers brought home designed and assembled computers to the market. During an interview with Burkina 24, Reagan Ngoto, Managing Director of leopard uAnd The company responsible for the designs mentioned, trust us.

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Little by little, the bird builds its nest, as the old saying goes. In recent years, the return of news in terms of innovations in Africa has been somewhat promising and encouraging.

Even if it was a little slow, but it was starting to appear. Some of these innovations are beginning to yield positive results in some countries of the continent.

This is also the case with the money transfer platform, sank » Created by young people from Burkina Faso which made it possible to change the situation and reduce the cost in terms of mobile money transfer in Burkina Faso.

African innovations

Among these innovations appearing across Africa, we can also cite Land of a Thousand Hills (Rwanda) with him smart phone “Mara” which are already sold in a few countries on the continent. Let us not even talk about other countries of the continent such as South Africa, which is one of the few countries on the continent where industrial progress is well established.

There is a long list of this good news that highlights the many inventions made in Africa. Even if mayonnaise is slow to eat, Africa hasn’t said its last word.

The latest news of African inventions comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this rich country in Central Africa, which alone is capable of feeding the entire continent, according to economists.


Indeed, the Congolese youth succeeded in designing and assembling 100% of the Congolese computers locally, “Leopad”. The name is taken in reference to the tiger, the totem animal of their country. This is a project dating back to 2017, explains the general manager of leopard uReagan Ngotothe parent company of this brand new PC.

He reveals that they took enough time to work on the project in order to mature it and make it clear. The research phase of gathering the various requirements took about a year, according to the general manager. Leopard Sarl.

The question was for them, says the latter, to take into account all the limitations, among other things, the problem of electricity which is a major obstacle to development in Africa in general, and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in particular.

first models

After this stage, the same serious things, especially the design and assembly Prototypes of “Leopad” the beginning. Two years later, specifically in 2019, The first “Leopads” computers will be offered to the Congolese.

According to Reagan Ngoto, they took a lot of time to deliver something good to the users. On this point, he asserts that they had to bet on their computers battery autonomy of 8 hours. It reassures that a file Leopard computers have the same functions and the same security configuration as other imported computers.

In 2019, we started testing the concept with prototypes. This exam allowed us to obtain a master’s degree in Congolese stock from the Ministry of Industry and Scientific Research.

Also in the same year we participated in An anti-poverty activity organized by the President of the Republic with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship. This is where we officially introduced our first computers Says Reagan Ngoto.

General Director Leopard Sarl It teaches us that all raw materials are sourced locally. Reagan Ngoto informed that in 2020, the main business of their company was dedicated to the establishment of a local assembly unit in Monte Ngouvola, a municipality in the Congolese capital.

Today, we operate in a traditional industrial model through multilateral cooperation with many industries in the field of motherboard and others. We do the design and final assembly here in Kinshasa.

We connect OS developers and engineers to improve our power solutions and other functions ‘,” he notes, specifying that Windows 10 is the one they’re using.

Although there are other Congolese computer brands such as Okapi, the Leopad remains the first computer designed and assembled in Congo. Léopad Sarl, has not received any support from the Congolese government to accompany their innovations, adding its designers.


Moreover, the lack of financial means and partners is a big blockage to the advancement of these young people. Another difficulty they face is the cost of raw materials. ” The fluctuating cost of raw materials and the logic that is not really easy. We do not yet have a financial partner to accompany us Ngoto adds.

Thus an appeal is launched to all the goodwill of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa and all over the world who wish to support Léopad Sarl in the development of its activity. Despite the difficulties this young company is facing, it does not lose sight of its main goal, which is to conquer the Congolese and African market with its computers. A Leopard computer sells for $450, or 272,000 CFA francs.

Willie Sagebe

Burkina Faso 24


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