Tangos welcome Asvel Women’s Champion on Wednesday night, anything but a butter match

It’s a big poster, a clash between the championship leader and his number one chaser. But two days before the end of the regular stage, the share will not be countable, on Wednesday evening, for Tango, who has already confirmed that he will take first place. For Asvel, on the other hand, in the fight with Basket Landes, Villeneuve-d’Ascq and Charleville for second place, the interest in this trip to Prado is great.

Beroyer’s side, four days after a fifty-minute battle against Basket Lands and the emotional discharge of the Coupe de France final, three weeks after the fourth Eurocup final, the sores were legion: Eldbrink’s broken little finger, Hampton’s muscle injury, Michel’s hamstring, bursitis Godin. Don’t throw more.

People at Bourges City Hall to celebrate the title Tango collected at Eurocoupe

Ten days before the play-off matches begin, it will not be easy to achieve the equation, in the last two matches of the regular stage, this evening against Lyon and then Saturday in Montpellier. Olivier Lafarge and his crew have to deal with injuries, avoid the body, maintain rhythm and maintain dynamism by winning. All this at the same time. “It’s a balancing act that is not easy, coach Berrichon judges. Perhaps people will spare but not completely calm down. Because the less rhythm we have, the lower the quality of our products.”

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“It is imperative that we have matches like this.”

“The fact of checking first place in the regular stage so early shouldn’t be a pebble in the boot by saying we have the right to lose,” continues Olivier Lafarge. Losing didn’t result in winning things anymore. We will have to continue to be square and accurate in the things that We produce it, which allows us to be present in all of our matches.”

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This last meeting of the regular stage at home doesn’t count butter, far from it. Isabel Yacobu, who is back on the court on Saturday after more than a month of absence, wants to use this week’ to find the rhythm. I was so proud to be with the girls in the final on Saturday. But I knew I wasn’t in the right shape for this kind of event and I was Sad that I couldn’t be at my best to help the team.”

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So this match against Asvel, which will be the first return to the Prado for Alexia Chartreau, should serve. “If we get first place, then the Lyonnais have what they are looking for here. They will arrive with maximum energy and intensity. And that is good for us, because it is necessary for us to have matches like this to prepare us for the play-offs.”

Philip Bodet

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