Puller. A second start for IT equipment

On March 19, the French clubs of Lyon organized an “Environment Day”, an opportunity to mobilize for various actions in the interest of the environment and nature. In southern Alsace, nine Lyon clubs (Altkirch, Guebwiller, Mulhouse Doyen, Mulhouse Europe, Mulhouse Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse Illberg, Saint-Louis, Thann-Cernay and Wittenheim-Bassin Potassique) have chosen to do original fundraising and computer recycling. and phones. An idea launched by Sandro Gubiani, Director of IT Stores for Origin Information System at Bollwiller and Thann, who drew inspiration from his day-to-day experience.

“It’s very simple, our stores produce about 8 to 10 meters³ of IT waste every year,” he explains. “Everyone has an old computer, or an old smartphone that’s in the basement or attic, which is something we don’t want to give up, either because we think we might be able to use it again, which we It practically does not happen, either because it contains personal data that we fear will be stolen. ” Hence the idea of ​​launching a procedure for collecting this type of material, which, according to the director, has “enormous potential”.

“It is not uncommon for me to work in companies where entire rooms are set aside for storing old computers. These materials are not used, or lost, while they can still be used, or at least upgraded.”

A special day for disassembly

In detail, individuals, communities or companies are invited to hand over their used devices (central units, laptops, phones) at one of the collection points set up by the different Lion Clubs involved in the process. The collected computers will then be sorted according to their ages and capabilities, and the most recent ones are due to be refurbished with the goal of reuse. “Machines that can be restored and in good condition will be diagnosed by a specialist to join the reuse circuit, and they will be presented to social centers or associations, for example,” explains Sandro Gobiani.

Machines that cannot be reused will be dismantled during a special day of the intervention, which should take place in Mulhouse on June 11. Sandro Gobiani notes that “the clubs will mobilize their members as well as the youth of the secondary schools that we have contacted in order to implement this process.” “We will also provide professionals who will oversee this technical process to some extent.” Phones will be restored, but not disassembled.

A real source of resources to reuse

The recovered components (processors, electronic cards, memory bars, power supplies, wires, as well as plastic, iron and aluminum elements) are then sorted and delivered to a certified company that specializes in the recycling and recovery of these materials. “We will therefore be able to recover amounts of up to 160 euros per kilogram of components,” notes Sandro Gubiani, explaining that this money will be used to purchase new equipment (tablets, computers, etc.) which will be offered to the public • Unable to take advantage of it.

“We don’t always realize it, but our machines are a real source of resources to be reused, in terms of non-ferrous precious metals, iron, plastics, and e-cards. They can be dedicated to reuse, recycling of different component materials or even energy recovery. With Metal prices are currently rising in the global market, I think this type of initiative is timely.”

Currently, Sandro Gubiani hopes to recover at least 10 tons of used equipment. “Next June 11th is not really a deadline, I think this process will continue over time. The goal is for it to spread and for others to also get involved in this kind of fundraising.”

Information Persons wishing to deposit equipment can do so using Origin Info System – 60, rue du Général-de-Gaulle in Thann or at 13 rue de la Gare in Bollwiller. Deposits are also possible at Cadeau 68, at 71 Faubourg de Belfort in Cernay, and at Ets Reck – 318, rue de Thann in Spechbach.

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