Here’s how to easily delete Google Chrome notifications from your computer

Google Chrome has many qualities. However, inappropriate notifications make you nervous. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Google Chrome will not hold any secrets anymore!

Objeko It tells you about a time that people under 30 years old don’t know. The first browser has been called Altavista. For information, it was necessary to ask a question in the language of Shakespeare. In addition to having to translate everything, the answers were not necessarily adapted to our needs. Accessed through internet browserThis program has a glitch. The computer has been kept down the whole time. If we had the misfortune of not keeping our data on the word processor (word) or spreadsheet (excel), severe tantrums were to be expected.

After a few years of good and sincere service, cunning fire fox make way for Google Chrome. More secure, it can also be customized with free or paid extensions. Take, for example, the automatic spell-checker that takes care of your emails. As for the favorites manager, its role is to maintain your favorite sites. From time to time, the developers give us an update. The latter protects us from hacks of all kinds. In short, had it not been for those bad notices, everything would have been perfect.

What is the notification?

By alerting you of updates on a news site, Google Chrome Thinking of doing you a favor. In fact, during the Covid crisis and confinement, we mainly used the web for information rather than the paper press. The situation is repeated on the phone. When someone contacts you via instant messaging or email, the browser lets you know up to a second. Objeko He regrets that he unfortunately does not fully distinguish between the things that are important to spam.

As soon as you connect in front of your computer, you have the impression that you have been invaded. Even worse, the situation can quickly deteriorate on smartphones. Always receive notifications from Google ChromeThis reduces battery life. Ouch, how do we make them disappear and just keep them “interesting”? Objeko has found the solution!

How do you delete them?

It is located at the end of the search bar for Google Chrome, the three little vertical dots can change everything. After careful to click SettingsYou need to better improve your experience with the browser. Division Advanced Settings Goes hand in hand with Privacy and security. Inside the first column, the gap Site settings Take us straight to then permission Notices.

In one sentence, you will find a smile and a desire to spend a few minutes surfing the Internet. ” Sites may ask you for your permission to send notifications. As we understand, this contract is entered into with Google Chrome Worth its weight in peanuts. Who would have thought it was so easy to get them out of harm’s way? Be warned, if someone with access to the computer needs to keep some, here’s how to manage it smartly.

The importance of screening

The famous title bar of Google Chrome offers a lot of services. It allows us to access subtitles without having to search for them for hours. So we avoid losing our temper for (very) long minutes. Again, basic copy/paste from this address chrome://flags/#quiet-media-prompts It allows us to fall directly on our feet.

This little blue square is called Maybe (Disabled), is what interests us. Obviously, as with all parameters adjustment Google Chromee, you need to restart it. This manipulation is useful so that your current setup is used for something. Otherwise, it’s good to start over!

Now you know how to manage Google Chrome on your computer and smartphone

From time to time, we come across a site that we value more than others. Initially, due to the proliferation of online stores, it might be one of those stores that offer low prices all year round. Then, if you want to read the information in English, you can also ask Google Chrome To keep you informed in real time. This lock is a sign that you are giving the green light to this popular website to interfere in your daily life. Don’t panic, you can always come back.

Finally, if you also have Google Chrome installed on your smartphone, the process for managing notifications will be identical. You can now safely resume normal activity!

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