Elden Ring – How to beat Duo Sanctechair

Deep in the ruins of Farum Azula, Duo Sanctechair is just one of the first gruesome boss fights at the end of Elden Ring game.

elden ring It has many chiefs who inspire awe and admiration in the community. Godrick the Grafted’s second stage is terrifying yet incredibly fun, and Rykard’s fight is as horrific as it is amazing. Duo Sanctechair is one of those bosses who is incredibly tough, while relieving us like never before once the fight is over.

Of course, they are among the only bosses constantly on the move until their life meter depletes, and of course, Noble Sanctuary’s rolling attack is very frustrating. However, the victory bonus is very useful, and Duo Sanctechair is more intimidating than dangerous if you know how to use the terrain to your advantage.

Elden Ring Duo Sanctechair Moveset

The Sanctechair Duo consists of a Sanctechair chair and a Sanctechair messenger. You may recognize these enemies from the temple of Iglai at Vulcano Manor and from the village of Mill in Altos Plateau. In the ruins of Farum Azula, Sanctechairs are fought separately while they share the same measure of life.

When one is defeated, they will appear soon after as long as there is life left in the common scale. For this reason, it’s a good idea to focus your efforts on one Sanctechair chair at a time, as that makes whoever stays there more vulnerable until their partner returns.

Noble Sanctechair (large, double-edged sword)

short range stomp: The noble will perform two short-term douches in succession very quickly. This can be avoided by dribbling to the other side of the trampling or staying away from the nobles.

Honorable presence: The noble would release a quick blast of black flame energy in all directions, similar to the spell of the same name. It doesn’t deal much damage but can interrupt attacks in no time.

Explosion charge: The noble would return before darting towards the player to approach them from a great distance, then repeatedly stab them before finishing off with an extremely powerful charge. Shaking can be avoided by dodging left or right, then waiting half a second before dodging its impressive charge.

Rolling attack: Only when it reaches 50% of its health will the Noble Sanctechair regularly jump into the air, spin around as it grows in size, and then roll constantly in the direction of the player dealing massive damage. You can dribble right or left to avoid getting hit, but a better strategy is to have a broken pole between you and your boss, so that it gets stuck in the environment, leaving plenty of room for your attacks.

The Apostle Sanctechair (Grand, Shotel)

rotating weapon: Just like Ashes of War, the messenger Sanctechair will quickly swing his weapon in front of the player again and again. The damage it does is average, but it will hit you over and over again if you don’t get out of it. This can be avoided by running backwards as soon as the messenger starts rotating his stumbles.

jump attack: The messenger jumps into the air and crashes after a short delay, causing massive damage over a wide area. When the messenger jumps in the air, run in the opposite direction and dodge the attack as soon as it lands, which will leave an opening for one or two attacks.

Severe hypertrophy of the body: Only when he reaches 50% of his health does the messenger extend his body over a large area and cut the player into slices over and over again. It’s very hard to avoid, but you can dodge behind the boss to avoid these attacks and get some chances as they shrink.

hit and slice: The messenger stretches upward and then stabs you, followed by a quick slide over a large area. Run back or dribble to the sides to avoid the initial slam attack, then go behind the messenger to avoid what follows.

Unique Black Flame Spells: The Messenger possesses two unique Black Flame skills: a combination with each of his weapons infused with black flame that ends with an AoE explosion, and a forward arching dash of the Black Flame spell as the Messenger rotates his body. Avoid the dual-weapon combo by staying out of range of the next AoE blast, and avoid the Black Flame’s bow attack by dodging towards the messenger: the attack’s hit box is located too far, so this among other things allows giving a few seconds of free attacks while the messenger is recovering.

Skills shared by Duo Sanctechair

Backstab groups: Noble Sanctechair will have a lot of moves that will start with a long range stab at close range, often followed by a powerful or powerful air attack. Meanwhile, the messenger’s beacon can either stab down afterwards with a large stride, or stab forward and quickly pull his dual arms back, doing damage to both the blow and his pull.

black flame: Both the noble and the apostle Sanctechair could perform the normal invocation with black flame. It is different from what players can use, as the range is much larger (almost the entire boss yard). The messenger’s beacon tends to use this spell more often than nobles, who prefer to stay in close combat. Both will also use this spell once players attempt to heal themselves.

Black Flame Ritual: The Black Flame Ritual is an explosion of pillars of black flame in a circle around the caster. Both the nobles’ beacon and the messenger can use this skill, although the messenger will use it much more often than the nobles.

Strategies to defeat the Duo Sanctechair of Elden Ring

Elden Ring Duo Sanctechair Strategy

The Sanctechair Duo together have a frightening power, but by this point in the game, players have definitely encountered the Noble and the Messenger separately. The key to this battle is to hunt down the Sanctechair one at a time to focus all your efforts on it. A messenger tends to be easier to take down than a noble, and deserves to be taken down first in order to stop his bombardment of black flame spells for a while.

The best spirit ashes to use against Duo Sanctechair are those that spawn many allies, like Soldier Greatshield’s Ashes, or those that can make bosses sleep, like Dolores the Silent Arrow. Multiple summons will be split to distract one Sanctechair and help you focus on taking down the other. Dolores the Silent Arrow (and archers) can reliably put one of the bosses to sleep and allow you to focus your entire attention on the remaining Sanctechair.

Simplest strategy: vertical mining and sleeping pots

Two things could make this fight go into the garden: exploiting the use of ruined columns around the battlefield, and Sanctechair’s exposure to sleep effects. Using hypnotic pots or sleep-affecting spiritual ash is a surefire way to get rid of lighthouse effectively.

Noble Sanctechair’s strongest attack is his rolling attack, which will only be used when he has 50% remaining health. Once the boss jumps into the air to start this attack, run behind one of the pillars in the room and make sure it’s right between you and your boss. So Noble will pin on that obstacle, and you can jump over the shaft so you can easily perform five to six seconds of attacks. Although this does not seem very explicit, this exploit is completely protected from ban, since the player uses the environment only to his advantage.

melee strategy

Both the Noble Lighthouse and the Apostle Lighthouse can be found scattered in a zigzag pattern, but most players will definitely have to rely on their chances of getting a critical hit or two against the duo during combat. A good strategy is to equip the shield with high protection boost stats to block weaker attacks. For example, all charged Noble attacks can be repelled with very little effect on the player’s stamina. On the other hand, don’t block attacks that fade or lag, and make sure to dodge any Black Flame spells targeting you to stay away from the hitting chest. When a Sanctechair is defeated, head to the other end of the room and prepare to launch a heavy attack as soon as he appears again.

Long Range Strategy and Spellcasters

Players and long-rangers usually have an easier time with this battle, although the Apostle is particularly cruel, penalizing players who want to recover or regain FP. AoE spells are great for this fight, as long as the duo stay relatively close to each other. Just be careful not to cast black flame spells against them. If you’re struggling to finish charging your spells because of all the interruptions, try spells that require faster charging time instead. Use the Radagon or Spirit Ashes icon to be able to breathe a little. Players at a far range can throw sleep arrows to take advantage of the advantage, as both Sanctechair can be put to sleep very quickly. Make them sleep, choose one to focus on, and attack it while making sure the other doesn’t wake up.

Rewards for defeating the Duo Sanctechair of Elden Ring

Elden Ring Duo Sanctechair Rewards

You’ll get two rewards for defeating Duo Sanctechair: a new summoning bell and ashes of war: Black Flame Tornado Ashes of War, which will give you the same attack that the messenger Sanctechair used.

elden ring Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source – Translation: Game Rant

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