Dead by Day: The first LGBTQIA2+ شخصية character

The behavior of the Quebec studio today revealed the eleventh volume of archives in the popular online horror game Dead By Daylight. What catches the eye is the inclusion of the first LGBTQIA2+ character, David King, in an effort by the studio to provide a better representation of the diversity among the game’s protagonists.

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This new volume of the archive will be available tomorrow, April 28 On Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

For all the details, here’s the press release from Behavior:

With 50 million players worldwide, the undeniable success of Dead by Daylight is especially due to its active and dedicated community, including dynamic LGBTQIA2+ gamers. Many fans were hoping for greater representation within the game and expressed the need to get to know the characters more; They will be happy to explore Volume 11 of the archive titled DEVOTION. Available April 28, this book features recollections of The Twins and Survivor David King – revealing his struggle to come to terms with his homosexuality. Combined with new sets and costumes accessible through the Rift, DEVOTION marks a whole new beginning for Dead by Daylight with an unexpected twist in the narrative direction of the archives.

From the moment he arrived at Dead by Daylight, survivor David King has carved a place for himself in players’ hearts. Sitting comfortably in the top ten of Entity World’s most personal survivors, David is a malicious, temperamental person with a penchant for back alley brawls. The years he spent collecting debts left him with both physical and mental pain. Although part of his past life has already been revealed, there is still a lot to discover about this brave man. Throughout DEVOTION, fans will witness her personal struggles about her identity and sexuality. His memories will notably take players to a bar where a conversation with a stranger prompts him to discuss his past relationships, including his relationships with his ex-boyfriend.

The Dead by Daylight development team has been dedicated over the past few years to bringing integration and representation into the game in a meaningful way. Getting it right has always been the team’s priority. That’s why she called on GaymerX, a consulting firm that aims to facilitate, in accordance with best practice, the integration of LGBTQIA2+ themes into established video games. The organization offered its support in particular in order to incorporate diversity into the narrative and game content, and to avoid falling into clichés or pejorative representations.

“Representing diversity in entertainment is very important, which is why it was important for us to take the time necessary and surround ourselves with the experts to get things right,” says Dave Richard, Dead by Daylight Creative Director. “We are very humbled that Dead by Daylight has become a space where players from all communities around the world feel free to be themselves. We are committed to providing fun and diverse content to our fans and thank them for sharing their opinions on the topics that matter to them.”

“After working with the Dead by Daylight team over the past year to identify the best story spaces for integrating LGBTQIA2+ content, we are excited to see the first element available to gamers,” said consultant Brian Conde, director and COO at GaymerX.

“Working with such a dedicated team to bring an exotic story to life in their game has been a very rewarding and inspiring experience,” GaymerX CEO Katie Kaetsuk added.

“Dead by Daylight is a representation of its community. Our players expressed their need to be better represented and today we are telling them we hear them and we are happy to bring these stories to life,” shares Tara Branigan, Director of Player Experience at Dead by Daylight. “Video games are for everyone and all players should be able to identify with the heroes of their favorite game, regardless of their culture, society, gender or orientation.”

A new narrative direction for archives

As game content is constantly evolving, DEVOTION also represents a new approach to the Dead by Daylight Archives, bringing a shift in narrative direction. Although the observer is still at the heart of the narrative, players will find that he has given up and lost his tower. As they try to find out what happened to him, they will find recordings he left behind, giving them access to his stories and memories.

New tome, new fashion, new collections

At the heart of The Rift in each new archive volume is a fashion that has always been popular with fans. As part of DEVOTION, players will be able to get Stowaways for the New World outfit for the Twins as well as the Night on the Town outfit for David King. The new Spring Sets include the artist’s ultra-rare Blooming Illusion costume, the ultra-rare baseball series outfit Jonah Vasquez, and the ultra-rare Organic Monstrosity costume by The Scourge. Finally, the Urban Art Collection will complement a very rare set of the new outfit for Nea: Stockholm Art Festival.

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