Basketball: End of the season for Clint Capella and Hawks in the NBA


Miami defeated Atlanta and Geneva (97-94) to advance to the Eastern Conference semi-finals on Tuesday in the NBA playoffs.

Clint Capella, Tra Young, and the Hawks fell in front of the heat.

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Clint Capela and the Hawks will not have an unforgettable memory of their delivered series against Heat. The Geneva-Atlanta hub conceded defeat (97-94) a lot on Tuesday at the FTX Arena in Miami. The Georgia State franchise, which reached the Eastern Conference final last season, was disqualified from the quarterfinals (4-1).

Clint Capella, who lost in the first three acts of the series due to a right knee injury, suffered another setback. Comprising two points and 8 rebounds in 19 minutes of playing time, 27-year-old Merinoy couldn’t make it to the end of the match. The Swiss international left the court 6’31 from the end of the third quarter, and never reappeared.

Without his Swiss teammate, Trae Young (11 points, 2/12, 8 rebounds, 6 assists) he once again paid the price for the usual virtues of the Heat, which are team effort, constant fighting, versatility in attack and intractable defence. Since the Hawks rely offensively on their star, it was impossible for them to compete, despite DeAndre Hunter’s very big game (35 points, 11 rebounds, 3 interceptions).

Leading 15 runs in the third quarter, they nonetheless returned to three units at the start of the fourth, but Victor Oladipo, a talented comeback, saddled with serious injuries in recent years, and Pam Adebayo, still solid on the inside, quelled that rejection with important baskets.

Witness the first’s superb pass (23 points, 3 interceptions) by sending the second (20 points, 11 rebounds) to the dunk in the last minute, responding to the basket behind the hunter’s arc who had just brought the Falcons closer to two units (97-93). Previously, Tyler Hero had brought his stone into the building, and he got off the bench (16 pt).

“There is nothing I cannot handle. When they told me I started, I did everything in my power to help my team win… This is just the beginning,” Oladipo commented.

So, quite calmly, Team Miami, a finalist in 2020, took over as the N.1 seed despite the absence of Jimmy Butler (knee) and Kyle Lowry (hamstring). The Heat are now waiting to find out their opponent: Philadelphia or Toronto (3-2), who meet on Thursday.

Memphis saved by “Spider-Man”

In the West, the Grizzlies are now 3-2 ahead against the Timberwolves and they owe it to Ja Morant. The 22-year-old phenom, the newly elected player who has made the most progress this season, justified this situation: on his own, he reversed a bad situation, as his team was 12 units behind at the start of the last quarter. -the weather.

One second after the bell, after a trampoline jump, he managed to spiral his left hand into the winning basket. During “big money time,” or the last two minutes of the game, he scored all 11 points for the Grizzlies, ending the quarter with 18 and ending the match with 30 on total, with a triple-double limit (13 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 interceptions). a party.

Minnesota could fuel some regret, having thought they had the victory in the wake of Karl-Anthony Towns (28 points, 12 rebounds, 3 interceptions) who, fingering the lips after a winning shot to advance 106-102, thought it was a muted FedEx Forum. Anthony Edwards (22 points) also played AC tied at 109-109 with 3.7 seconds remaining.

But Morant, who is also the author of the book Plunging the Stratosphere in the Third Quarter, flew away. The Memphis “Spider-Man” made a spell – “Great Strength Comes With Great Responsibility” – for the famous superhero created by Marvel himself, because he wasn’t afraid to take on them.

Chris Paul wakes up

The Suns also regained the advantage (3-2) against the Pelicans, with a logical win because they were always on top of the score, calculating up to 18 points ahead.

Invisible during the previous game he lost in Louisiana, Chris Paul (22 points, 11 assists), following in the footsteps of Michael Bridges (31 points, 12/17 on shots), recovered very effective, and in the absence of Devin Booker (hamstring). DeAndre Ayton also contributed (19 points, 9 rebounds).

Brave, like Brandon Ingram (22 points) and CJ McCollum (21 points, 8 rebounds), but the grape pickers behind the arc (5/25), Louisiana, Thursday at home, will try to push the best team in the regular season. In critical match number 7.

(France Press agency)

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