Arms Shipments, Allied Mobilization…Update on Russia’s Invasion This Wednesday

destroyed weapons

The Russian military said, on Wednesday, that it destroyed a “large amount” of weapons delivered by the United States and European countries to Kyiv, during a missile attack in southeastern Ukraine.

“Hards of large quantities of foreign weapons and ammunition, delivered by the United States and European countries to the Ukrainian forces, were destroyed by sea-launched Kalibr high-precision missiles at the aluminum plant in Zaporozhye,” in southeastern Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Allies’ monthly meeting

On Tuesday, after meeting with representatives of forty countries in Germany, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that the United States and its allies will meet monthly to discuss how to enhance Ukraine’s military capabilities against Russia. Lloyd Austin declared to his allies that the United States was determined to “move heaven and earth” to win Ukraine against Russia.

Guterres in Moscow

On Tuesday, during his first visit to Moscow since the offensive began, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appealed for a ceasefire “as soon as possible”. He said he was “concerned by the repeated reports of possible war crimes,” considering that they “require an independent investigation.” Despite everything, negotiations are continuing. […] “I hope we will reach a positive result,” said Vladimir Putin.

Berlin will hand over tanks and artillery to France

Germany will authorize the delivery of about fifty “anti-aircraft tanks” to Ukraine, acting unevenly with regard to its cautious policy so far in its military support of Kyiv. France is expected to send cannons with a range of 40 kilometers, and the United Kingdom has delivered Poland anti-aircraft missiles and tanks. The Dutch government confirmed on Tuesday that the Netherlands will provide a “limited number” of Panzerhaubitze 2,000 armored cannon to Kyiv, capable of firing at targets 50 km away.

Gas deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria completed

The Russian Gazprom Group announced, on Tuesday evening, the suspension of its gas shipments to Bulgaria and Poland, which announced on Tuesday evening that they were preparing for this.

Moscow targets bridges and railways

An adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister said, on Tuesday, that Russian forces are bombing bridges and railways to slow Western arms shipments to Ukraine after destroying a strategic road linking the country with Romania.

Russia’s assets to Ukraine?

US Attorney General Merrick Garland said on Tuesday he would support a potential parliamentary initiative to allow assets seized from Russia’s oligarchs to go “directly” to Ukraine.

Moldova strengthens its security

Moldova called for calm on Tuesday and announced that it would beef up its security after bombings in the breakaway region of Transdniestria, accusing Kyiv of Moscow of seeking to “destabilize it”. The United States on Tuesday warned against attempts to “escalate tensions” in this breakaway region of pro-Russian Moldova bordering Ukraine after a series of bombings. State Department spokesman Ned Price, without going so far as to blame Moscow for the bombings, as Kyiv did, said the United States “remains concerned about any possible attempt to escalate tensions.”

Bulgarian Prime Minister in Kyiv

The Bulgarian government announced, on Tuesday, that Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov and his allies in the government coalition, with the exception of the pro-Russian Socialists, will leave for Ukraine on Wednesday, amid a political row over military aid to Kiev.

Chernobyl: level of radioactivity ‘in the normal range’

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who was there on Tuesday, estimated that the level of radioactivity at Chernobyl was “in the normal range”, 36 years after the explosion at the nuclear power plant. The station, located 150 kilometers from Kyiv, fell into the hands of the Russians on the first day of their invasion, before falling victim to power outages and communication networks. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, since the withdrawal of the Russians on March 31, the situation has returned to normal.

At least nine civilians were killed

At least nine civilians were killed Tuesday in Russian bombings in eastern and southern Ukraine, according to reports released by local authorities.

Kyiv demolishes a monument to Ukrainian-Russian friendship

Kyiv City Hall has begun demolishing a historic Soviet-era monument celebrating the friendship between Ukraine and Russia.

5.3 million refugees

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