When is an 18-hole golf course in Cherbourg?

The 18-hole golf course in Cherbourg (Manche) has been on the table for more than ten years now. If studies are underway to assess its feasibility, advocates for the project despair of not seeing anything coming. While this equipment will certainly be an important tourist and economic asset. (© La Manche Press/Jean-Paul BARBIER)

It is one of the most famous sea snakes in the world. cotintin. where 10 years Now an extension Rocks golf courseLocated ice cream shop (Municipality delegated Cherbourg en Cotentinchannel), still waiting.

“There is no doubt that it will be an addition to the presence of an 18-hole golf course in Nord-Cotentin, moreover in Cherbourg, especially from the point of view of tourists.”

Olivier BernardChairman of the Golf Canal Committee

But today where is he really this project ? “It’s in the pipes, trusts Jack Coquelin, Responsible from Fantastic equipment to me cotinine agglomerate, responsible for the file. from Feasibility studies In progress, we are waiting The result. »

Project related to fallout from EPR

But on the Rocher golf course side, it’s hard to understand what’s stuck until the situation can finally be deciphered. “The argument that we don’t have enough people hasn’t held for long, we have 480 licensees. During the week is traffic jam employment path and on Situation Jacques Largoet, president of the Ice Golf Club, regrets.

“To say that it will only benefit the rich, because it is a sport for the rich, is wrong. Today, the young man who wants to join us for this year can do it for 100 euros.”

Jack Larguet

Economic advantage

above athletic sidethe former leader ofAS Cherbourg excites too Economic advantage What can represent This equipment in the region.

We must be seen as a partner in the local economy. The tourist who came to play golf with us will stay in Nord-Cotentin, which will have repercussions on the hotel and restaurant industry. But the truth is that the English who landed in Cherbourg today would rather go down to Omaha Beach to enjoy an 18-hole golf course. Links are developing with Ireland, and the Irish are known to play golf. Why don’t you enjoy it? »

Jack Larguet

“Issue tourism It is of course an argument to take into account,” says Jack Coquelin.

5 million euros

Regarding cost This stretch, as Jacques Larguet rated around it 5 million euros Made two million euros 9 extra slots And 3 million euros for the rest in particular club transfer In the middle of the course or do entrance on me Sections Road.

A number confirmed by Jack Coquelin, who nevertheless offers an explanation:

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“In any case, even if the report confirms that the file is feasible, it will likely be necessary to wait for the fallout from the EPR to obtain funding.”

In other words, it will take some time before the 18-hole course of Cherbourg is constructed. So the eel didn’t finish swimming…

10 years ago, the project was completed by the municipal council

That was March 29, 2012, and now 10 years and a few days ago. During the town council meeting in Cherbourg, Bernard Cazeneuve announced good news: the Rocher golf course has finally been expanded to 18 holes. We have just taken a decisive step. We have finally succeeded,” he announced in the columns of La Presse de la Manche about the person who would be prime minister in a few years.

At the time, the city, which was responsible for the golf course, had just acquired 25 hectares of land to allow for the expansion of the site. The commissioning date has been announced, with the city council counting on work starting in 2014 and delivery in early 2015.

As for the farmers involved, some chose to sell their land, while others preferred to receive compensation, a total envelope of €404,000. The acquisition was made possible with the help of €500,000 from EDF, which retained Roches Golf Course in its support program to build the Flamanville EPR for tourism development.

Ten years later, water flowed from under the bridges. The Hulk has passed under the lap of the Cotentin conglomerate, but the additional nine holes that Jacques Larguet had been calling years ago are now too late. The land acquired for expansion continues to benefit the farmers.

8 golf courses
The Manche division has eight golf courses, four of which consist of 18 holes (Saint-Jean-de-la-Rivière, Fontenay-sur-Mer, Coutinville and Granville).

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