Two decades of Harry Potter games

Like many of my generation, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, and I grew up with books and movies. In the early days of the internet, I spent my time online teaching Mega Hogwarts, reading countless fan stories, and participating in School of Magic role-playing forums. I’ve also, of course, played many franchise-inspired video games, some of which were my childhood.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – 2001

Getting this toy, after seeing it at a friend’s house, was an ordeal in itself at the time; It was impossible at that time to buy a game online, and as Charlevosine, there was no toy store nearby. So I had to wait for someone to come through Quebec and get me a copy.

For a 10 year old, this game was totally fun. Thanks to its platforming inclinations, it’s possible to explore the castle to find hidden chocolate frog cards and take lessons while living the story of my favorite book.

Note that the game was different from platform to platform, something you don’t see these days. If you haven’t played like me on PC, you might have to suffer from the popular PS1 version of Hagrid, which will forever be etched in our memory.

Quidditch World Cup – 2003

This game was a kind of Quidditch sports game. After winning the Hogwarts Cup in the tutorial, you can play in the World Cup, with teams from different countries. The game manages to make all aspects of Quidditch important by dividing the game into two phases. Points accumulated by scoring goals with a quaffle give rewards to the snitch hunt stage.

I loved playing teams from different countries, especially Japan, and seeing their special moves while playing.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – 2004

I have fond memories of this third Harry Potter game, where you can walk around Hogwarts, take lessons, and do various secondary tasks. The biggest win for me, though, was that you can switch between Harry, Ron, and Hermione during the match, so I can play as Hermione as much as I want!

Harry Potter 4-7-2005 to 2011

During my adolescence, I admit that I neglected Harry Potter games a bit. But it must also be said that the five games inspired by the following five films have constantly changed their formula and all have worse scores than each other. Highlight Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One, Closer to a third-person shooter but with a magic wand? Time to forget!

LEGO Harry Potter – 2010-2011

Using the classic formula of Lego games, these two games (one for 1-4 years and the other 5-7 years old) are the best choice for immersing yourself in Hogwarts, as well as being among the best Lego video games. You can play in a cooperative mode, of course, embody various characters from the series and reboot levels to collect all kinds of objects. We play it – and we play it again! – gladly.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – 2018

Almost all Harry Potter games aim to relive the adventures of our favorite hero. Secret at Hogwarts, On the other hand, it is a mobile game that allows us to chart our own path in Hogwarts. It takes the form of a graphic novel, in which our character attends a school of witches a few years before the arrival of the boy who lived. While we are trying to solve the mystery of our missing older brother, we have the opportunity to take lessons, raise magical creatures, play Quidditch, make friends, etc. In the game we get to know most of the teachers, but also some students, such as Tonks or the oldest Weasley brothers.

Of course, since it is a mobile game, it suffers from microtransaction issues and you often have to wait for hours to continue playing, but the story is interesting enough to grab the attention of fans of Wizarding World!

So it has been more than twenty years since Harry Potter fans have been waiting for the arrival of a really good game where they can study at Hogwarts. And the latest videos from Hogwarts legacy, Scheduled for the end of the year, very encouraging!

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