The perfect laptop for bloggers in 2022!

Whether you always work from the same place or blog about fashion
Travel Diary As a Bedouin blogger, choosing a laptop should not be taken lightly.

Many parameters related to computer configuration should be taken into account when buying a laptop, which is the main tool of any budding blogger.

In this article, we give you complete details about configuring the components of the ideal future PC for bloggers, but also another possibility in the context where it will be impossible for you to change your PC right away.

What is a high performance laptop add-on for bloggers?

Laptop without graphics card

First, we will discuss an alternative to buying a sufficiently powerful computer. Because if outfitting yourself with a high-performance laptop is complicated, for financial reasons in particular, WordPress hosting is actually a ready-made possibility.

In fact, WordPress is a comprehensive solution that allows those who want to create and host their blogs on servers without having to use web development software or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software, which greatly reduces the memory used by your computer.

Thus: no need for a computer with large memory.
However, WordPress also offers to provide its own CMS for manual installation on your servers: in short, the perfect solution for an “all terrain” blogger!

What laptop configuration should you choose as a blogger?

laptop developer

When you are a blogger, there are essential features that should not be underestimated when choosing a laptop.

the size

Starting with screen size and definition. If you run a blog that makes it a point of honor to provide HD illustrations, if you are doing a graphic design to decorate your blog then choose HD screen or even full HD resolution.

Likewise, size matters from a comfort standpoint, and when it comes to working on small visual details. In terms of screen size, the 15-inch remains the most classic that remains quite an average size, neither too small nor too big. If your budget remains limited, prefer a non-touchscreen, non-hybrid PC (tablet/computer).

Another important criterion: the graphics card and its video memory. In fact, the more efficient your graphics card is, the better your image and the less latency you’ll experience. On average, a graphics card with 4GB of video memory is ideal for blogging.

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Turn on the laptop

The choice of therapist should not be underestimated. So how do you choose between i3, i5 or i7 processors? Knowing that i3 is the least powerful, and i7 is the most powerful, it is highly recommended to choose at least i5. This happy medium will allow you to take advantage of a reliable computer, without slowing you down, while not seeing your budget dwindle in buying a laptop with a processor that is too powerful for your needs.

Choose a processor that also provides a certain number of cores: this will allow you to run several programs simultaneously and therefore many tasks, without your computer suffering. Graphics software, web browser window, and word processing software, the three working together, must be able to be supported by a sufficiently capable processor.

Therefore, we advise you to check for 4 cores with a frequency of at least 2.6 GHz.



The hard disk is also important in choosing a computer. In recent years, an SSD hard drive has appeared, in competition with SATA. If the latter is slightly slower than an SSD, it nonetheless offers large storage spaces, sometimes up to 1 TB, while an SSD offers between 128 GB and 256 GB.

However, it is faster than SATA and therefore suffers from lower latency. Thus, the choice of hard drive depends entirely on your use of your computer.

You will have understood: the wide choice of laptops in the market is enough to allow you to find the perfect computer to manage your blogs in an optimized way. Thus you are guaranteed a working tool adapted to your needs and problems and robust enough to allow you to work in peace.

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