Heroes of Orléans Loiret Basket’s historical repackage narrate rising emotions from within

After landing in Europe two weeks ago, Emmanuel Terry, independent medical worker Yoosu Ndwi was absolutely critical at the last minute on Sunday. The American hub first scored the tie basket, before saving Borgen’s last attempt and scoring, with a new click, the victory basket at the bell.

Out of standards! Aurelien Laureate Baskett wins in a scenario beyond amazing against Borg en Press

Emmanuel Terry to dunk!

Emmanuel, can you tell us about that last minute?

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“The coach trusted me to defend against the opposing team’s base in case of a change, it boosted my confidence. I knew my teammates were behind me and I succeeded in this block. They took the rebound and we rushed to counterattack. I found myself in the right place at the right time. It was Perfect…on the last shot, I saw how much time was left on the clock, I thought Noble could put it in, I went on and was glad to be there. Work…It all happened so fast. It was a really surreal moment.”

How did you feel at that exact moment?

“Everything stopped all of a sudden. When I saw him in it, I was so happy to see the crowd on fire. I turned around and saw my teammates explode with joy. This was definitely the first time in my career that I felt, it was my first “winning” game. My teammates jumped in my arms. Those few seconds were awesome. I was surrounded by love. Then I watched the video about twenty times, not to review my work, but to see everyone around me and see all this surge of energy. I had goosebumps!”

Marcus Page: We had our pride

Marcus Page was the great architect of the Orleans Revolution of the second period.

“I’ve already tested quite a few back, at -17 or -15… -32, it’s huge! To reverse that result in twenty minutes, therefore, with a very limited number of possessions, you had to be excellent and fortunately, we were Excellent. This is probably the biggest comeback I’ve been in and has even seen on TV. It’s never out of the question when you’re a competitor. The stops and defensive baskets made early in the second half were important. The hall gave us energy. We’re in a tough season, with Many ups and downs, but as professional athletes, we had our pride. I am proud of the way we fought. We must be satisfied with the effort we put in. We must recover because we know that the Strasbourg match, Wednesday, will be very difficult. This victory over Borg will be null. Interest if we lose everything else.”

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Jeremy Nazli: “In my top 5 emotional matches”

At the age of 31 and since the height of his status as double champion for France (2013, 2017) and winner of the Eurochallenge (2015), Jeremy Nazli has already seen some very high peaks. This does not prevent him from rating Sunday’s meeting, during which he was decisive, in the top 5 emotional matches of his career.

Jeremy Nzoli scored 8 points in the last quarter.

Jeremy, can you find an explanation for this unlikely scenario?

“It’s impressive how we were able to show two completely different faces. Everything was going so poorly in the first half, especially in the second quarter… They all dunked alone into the keyhole and the shots were completely open. Second, we cut their rhythm, we gained confidence and we succeeded. In this unlikely reflection. And in this kind of moment we play sports. There was a real connection with the crowd. We felt a mission together, we felt it was possible, that energy came from everything. These are wonderful moments we all want to live.”

Where do you place this meeting in the hierarchy of the craziest matches of your career?

“There were the French champions titles, the victory on the bell at Eurochallenge awaiting us…but in terms of emotion it was in the top 5. We really needed to take this match…After coming back from -32, I had the feeling of exhilaration like we won the title. We ran. Even though it was only one match, but it meant a lot…”

Jerome Cotton Coudray

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