Golf: France Lime organized its first competition at the Avawaz golf course

With the support of the Administrative Golf Commission, the association wanted to raise awareness of golfers about Lyme disease – potential targets for ticks when they move away from the fairways…

This Sunday, the golfers in attendance were there for a good cause, as part of their right to play was donated to the France Lyme Association. We would have liked them to be more numerous, only eighteen players…As for the absentees, we’d like to think that voting in the presidential election was their priority. On the other hand, we won’t thank Mrs. Weather who predicted a very bad day, as there wasn’t even a drop of water.
Let’s return to the competition organized by France Lyme on the initiative of the Director of the Federation of Burgundy, Annie Okrzysek, and with the support of the Golf Management Committee (CDG71), represented by Genevieve Laios, President of the Sports Committee.

“France Lyme is an association that fights diseases transmitted by ticks, the most famous of which is Lyme disease. It is the main patient association in this medical field, recognized as of public interest, approved by the Ministry of Health and a member of France Assos Santé. France Lyme has more than 2,000 members and spreads In 20 local departments including Burgundy. In particular, he offers personalized support to patients and preventive measures for all audiences ”, confirms Ani Okrzysek.
In addition to the fact that a precaution can never hurt, choosing a golf course was quite natural for the head of the local department. She herself is a former golfer, who was bitten by a tick, on the golf course in Avoise, in 2000. Poor reactions, particularly by touching a tick in the hand, then causing complications, and today she carries Lyme disease. Despite constant treatments, she had to contend with many symptoms: hypersensitivity to smells and light, loss of balance, pain in her legs “as if they were being crushed”, etc. This disease is found throughout the national territory, where Bourgogne Franche Comté ranks first in the list of infections – a title we would have done well without … Tips on how to remove a tick or protect yourself from a bite are available at the end of the article. We can only advise all golfers – but also all of our readers – to put a snip in their bag!
On Sunday, golfers were able to educate and ask all their questions. The day ended with an award ceremony, where all participants were honored by CDG71, represented by Genevieve Laios. Finally, Annie Okrzesik did not fail to thank Avoise Golf Course for its welcome and contribution as well as CDG71 through Genviève Layus.
Next meeting on Sunday 1 May is a scramble competition for 2, organized by Rotary International as part of its “Hope in mind” work, which consists of raising funds to fund the purchase of equipment for research projects. on the brain.
Julian Zaidi


a woman :
raw :
1st: LAYUS Genevieve (+23)

1st: DAUSSE Françoise 28 points

raw :
First: Sheikh Abdul Qadir (+4)
2nd: Michoud Philip (+7)
Third: DURIX Frederic (+9)

1st: Patrice Reno 37 points
2nd: Jean-Baptiste Ponchot (37 points)
Third: Frison Bastian (34 points)

Advice from Annie Okrzyszk:

What do you do if a tick bites you?
Infection is observed throughout the year but especially from May to October, depending on climatic conditions.
Do not panic, not all ticks are vectors of diseases, but 50% of them are already a huge number.
If bitten, remove the tick as soon as possible and take pictures:
1) Slide the tick remover (available at pharmacies or vets) under the tick’s head and above all, never touch the body by hand.
2) Remove the tick from the skin as much as possible by unscrewing the tick puller, so as not to leave the head and platform in and/or under the skin
3) Sterilize the wound properly, pass the forceps with alcohol and wash your hands properly
4) Do not put any product on the tick (alcohol, ether, oil … it makes the tick vomit and increases the risk of infection).
5) Define the tag on the Citique website using the mobile application.

If symptoms (influenza, rheumatism, eye disease, or heart disease) appear, immediately go to the doctor who will give you the appropriate treatment. More information about symptoms:…

What do you do to avoid a tick infestation?…
Wear light-coloured clothing that covers your entire body, if possible. Feel free to slip your pants into your socks and wear closed shoes.
Cover the exposed parts of the skin with insect repellents (containing eg DEET, permethrin, cetriodiol)
– For a walk, stay on the trails.
– Carefully check the whole body for ticks (pay attention to sensitive areas, such as the eyelids, the back of the ears, the scalp, etc.)
Mowing the lawn regularly and getting rid of plant residues can reduce tick reproduction.

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