Elden Ring, Seamless Coop: A multiplayer improvement on the horizon? It is possible with mods!

news tip Elden Ring, Seamless Coop: A multiplayer improvement on the horizon? It is possible with mods!

Elden Ring players, do you find the multiplayer slightly inferior to the rest amidst its myriad attributes? Here is a new mod for Elden Ring that promises to be very interesting for those who want to play several…

You may have already completed the Elden Ring. And if you’re playing on PC, you realize that some mods can be quite motivating to resume the game. In the full version 1.04 of the game, here a mod has announced that it is working on a mod that will make cooperation much more “modern”, with features Interesting new. You may no longer need this popular Amon which makes singleplayer so much easier…


  • Features that make online play more classic
  • What Will Elden Ring’s “Seamless Collaboration” Model Bring?
  • cheats? Antichit?

Features that make online play more classic

Elden Ring, like other games in the Souls series, is a standalone game, but can also be played online. Multiplayer is really ingrained in the series, whether it’s summoning someone to help you, conquering and fighting a player, or even leaving messages on the ground for trolling/helping the community.

However, there are rules, which are arguably stricter than most games played online. For example, die against a boss while you are summoned, and you will be sent directly to your world. The same if your boss dies, you will have time to bid farewell to you with an emotional expression and go home. We can clearly understand that these rules are in place to maintain the design of the Elden Ring game, but sometimes some players might just want to play with a friend(s) from start to finish. Specifically, one of the depositors on behalf of LukeYui You are preparing a potentially game-changing mod for Elden Ring PC players

What Will Elden Ring’s “Seamless Collaboration” Model Bring?

The purpose of the mod is simple: it will allow you to no longer be removed from the game after certain actions, including after death. Briefly, So you can play the whole game with the same person without any interruption.

Several features are planned, and it is already working perfectly according to the loader. Player progress will be synced And there are a few small bugs to fix until the mod appears. A new video came out a few days ago, featuring more Features. Here is the list:

Elden Ring, Seamless Coop: A multiplayer improvement on the horizon?  It is possible with mods!
  • Depending on the number of players (2/3/4), enemies (25/50/75%) will gain an increase in their stats.
  • a voting system It will be set up for fast travel! When a player wants to teleport to a file place of gracePlayers will vote, and if the vote passes, everyone will be immediately moved to the same place
  • Markers on the map will also be synchronized between players, making it easier to explore together
  • Portals, etc… will also work in multiplayer mode, allowing you to go to places that are usually hard to reach in the “classic” multiplayer mode.
  • When you die while fighting a boss, you won’t be able to come back to life but spectator mode They will then be available as long as the battle is in progress. This allows you to see the performance of the remaining player(s).
  • Finally, a new mechanic has been summoned decay core has been added. This is a death sentence, and it can be removed with comfort. There are currently 3 different effects related to this mechanic.

It’s hard not to get excited with this mode, which can allow you to rediscover the game with friend(s) in a more “simple” way, even if, again, some of the limitations associated with playing the game online are part of Miyazaki’s vision.

cheats? Antichit?

Finally, there is the issue of anti-cheat on PC. We assume that like almost all Elden Ring mods, this one will require us to play offline, and with a mod that disables anti-cheat, to avoid any bans. It should be noted that the developer of the mode is not on its first attempt. He has already developed a model random for Elden Ring, but also online co-op mode for Sekiro, and Dark Souls 1 2 and 3 mods.

The mode is still in development, and the mod still wants to add some features and fix bugs. We hope for this year’s release, and we will not fail to update you on the developments regarding this mode … but also to inform you of other mods in development that might be interesting!

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