Coupe de France: Lessons from the crazy defeat of Bourg Basket

Historic finalBourget and Basket Landes put on a great show on Saturday, under the watchful eye of all the French basketball players. “Big promotion for women’s basketball,” his nets ceded to coaches, Olivier Lafarge and Julie Barin, after the match.

At the end of the real “emotional ascent”, according to coach Berroyer, the two teams had to resort to two extensions to choose between them. A first in the French Women’s Cup Final and a “crazy match” according to Laetitia Gabo who will go down in history for its quality, volatility and suspense.

What are the consequences?Fifteen days after winning the Eurocoupe at the Prado, TBB was chasing its second trophy of the season and twelfth Coupe de France. Lost and gone are the dreams of a historic trilogy that the Berruyer Club has yet to fulfill. “We had three goals: we achieved the first goal, not the second, and now we will focus on the third French championship,” said captain Elodie Godin.

Another consequence of this setback for Percy, despite his continental title and confirmation of finishing the regular stage of the LFB in first place (before the last two games against Asvel, Wednesday at Prado, then at Lattes/Montpellier on Saturday), they do not have a direct ticket to the Euroleague next season.

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LetterThat word was back in all the mouths of Berroyer, on Saturday, in the capital. The tango was sometimes at the ready against the Landis, but they never threw in the towel. Including six points at 1’30 in the first overtime, before he was on the cusp of a second repeat by scoring five points in ten seconds via Keisha Hampton and Ellen Eldebrink.Olivier Lafarge congratulated his players who never gave up.

“Every time there was a small gap, we came back, we never left it, Olivier Lafarge welcomed. I want to congratulate my players, we showed character and heart. “We saw that we had the resources and they will serve us until the end of the season,” Laëtitia Guapo agreed.

no addressThis is a job. When the final picks the winner after two periods of overtime, he “didn’t miss much,” Elodie Godin noted. “A little bit of skill, but that’s part of the match,” Perreshon coach noted.Ileana Robert did not succeed in filming on Saturday.

In this final, Tango had 17 more shots than Montoises (87 shots against 70). So many extra chances that they fail to get them. Devilishly effective this season, Eliana Robert (3 of 17) did not succeed, even if she fired an important three-point basket at the end of the first overtime. Same note for Ellen Eldebrink who, even if she finished the meeting better, scored 4 out of 17 in shooting, with 1 out of 9 starved of three points.

ReturnsHis last appearance dates back to March 20, his success against Angers in the Women’s League. Isabel Yacobo has been absent for a month due to illness, and is back on Saturday to challenge Basketlands. It is a post that was decided on Thursday evening. “I felt great and did everything to try to help us,” Olivier Lafarge said.Isabel Yacoubou hasn’t played for a month with TBB, notably missing the fourth Eurocoupe final.

Did his presence surprised the opponent? “No,” replied Valerian Vukosavlevich, who raised her fourth trophy to Joey Junay. We knew that even if it had been a long time since I’d played, she’d be there. We also knew she couldn’t be as effective as when she continued. We targeted her a little bit and did well. Logically lacking. To the rhythm, the tango hub scored 4 points (1 out of 4 in the shot), but he lost 3 balls and did not finish the match due to five errors committed.

Certificate of Authenticity

Paris (Accor Arena). Tango Bourges Basket – Relegation Basket: 88-91 after overtime. Quarterly: 19-20, 15-19 (half time: 34-39), 15-12, 20-18 (end time regulation: 69-69), 10-10, 9-12.
Bourget.Eldebrink 14, Yacoubou 4, Rupert 7, Michel 10, Astier 2, Guapo 20, Hampton 20, Mavuanga, Zodia, Godin 11, Diawara, Mann 0.
drop basket.Magarity 24, Vothox 14, Torsinovic 12, Tagliamento 0, Domark 3, Vukosavljevic 5, Tolo 10, Seda Abiga, Rumi, Harmon 8, Baguette 8, Sherry 9.

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