Côte d’Ivoire: The RHDP announces missions in the province from 5 to 15 May to verify the effectiveness of the popular committees and conduct an actual census of activists

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Big meeting to restructure HRDP It took place today in Abidjan in the presence of the Minister of State, Chairman of the Board of Directors HRDPAnd Gilbert Kavanaugh Cooney. This meeting was attended by more than 1,500 people, and its purpose was to introduce the restructuring of the party that the Executive Council plans to implement on the ground for all the political leadership.

The Executive Council proposed 345 political departments to emerge from administrative departments according to precise criteria. Departmental secretaries will head 345 departments. The Chairman of the Board informed all the Political Department that delegations would go to the field to accomplish a certain number of tasks.

according to Gilbert Kavanaugh Cooney Delegates will ensure that the geographic divisions planned with the localities attached actually correspond to something reasonable enough to take local facts into account.

They will have to make sure that our core committees correspond to reality. For this, he will have an actual census of the militants to make sure that these militants exist and that they are not imaginary militants. These are the main tasks of the delegations that will leave from May 5 to 15 throughout the territory. ” Gilbert Kavanaugh Cooney.

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Discussions took place and party officials asked a number of questions to clarify the offer made by the Secretary of the National Organization. In light of the questions asked, the Chairman is convinced that things look good and that the field missions will do an excellent job.

Today’s meeting begins with the tasks that will be in the field. Regarding the new hinge, the President of the Republic stressed that the division takes into account the localities, and above all references to the polling stations.

“Whatever expression we take, these elements are there and constitute the criteria of these divisions. The old injunctions thus disappear but they enter into the new divisions,” Gilbert Kavanaugh Cooney.

Regarding the facilitators, the elders remain active. According to the president, they will merge into the offices or the internal structures that make up the party and no one will be left out.

It’s a house that should question itself because we wanted to clear the backbone of the party. These are the frameworks we will use to liven up the party.

The restructuring of the party will continue. The Executive Council intends to define the party’s operational framework by the end of June. Then conferences of various specialized structures are organized to truly revitalize the party, which is the best way to restore interest in responsibilities.

Three conferences will be held for specialized buildings. These are young people, women and teachers. Anyway, the goal HRDP is to finish all conferences by September.

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We will have a party structured, responsibilities defined, officials defined, and ready for electoral dates. 2022 will allow us to have a well-organized and well-organized party. I will present to you at the end of the year to present to you the first draft of the number of fighters in HRDP supported, Gilbert Kavanaugh Cooney.

Secretaries are appointed by militants. Finally, the president announced that ambitious HRDP It is building a party that will stand the test of time.

We want to run the country in a sustainable way because the results of the President of the Republic speak for themselves. We want Ivorians to continue to benefit from this President of the Republic’s leadership of the country. We must continue to challenge ourselves to give Ivorians a chance to live better.” HRDP.


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