Coal power plants still under construction, despite environmental damage

Despite the damage to the climate, due to the greenhouse gases they emit, coal-fired power plants still have a bright future. According to the annual report of the Global Energy Monitor published on Tuesday, April 26, construction or extension projects are underway in 34 countries, most of them in China.

In total, the scientist, who owns more than 2,400 coal-fired power plants in 79 countries – with a total production capacity of nearly 2,100 GW – plans to increase its electricity production capacity by 456 GW with new coal-fired power. The report refers to factory projects, which nonetheless welcomes the general trend towards a slowdown in new construction, with the exception of last year.

“There are only 170 power plants (89 gigawatts), or 5% of the fleet, operating today, unaffected by the phase-out date or carbon neutrality target.”, announces the report of the San Francisco-based think tank, along with ten other international environmental organizations – the Sierra Club in the US, the Kiko Network in Japan, the Réseau Action Climat (CAN) in Europe, and the Forest and Environmental Legal Initiative (FEC) in India ; BWGED, Bangladesh Purebesh Andolon and Waterkeepers in Bangladesh; In addition to the Energy and Clean Air Research Center, which is the center for E3G research and solutions for our climate.

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In 2021, the worldwide operating coal-fired power plant fleet increased by another 18.2 gigawatts, a recovery linked to Covid-19, according to the report. China “It continues to be the stark exception to the present decline of growing plants”accuses its authors.

Last year, more than half (56%) of the 45 GW of commissioned production capacity was in China (25.2 GW), 14% in India, and 11% in Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. China alone has nearly as many commissions (with a capacity of 25.2 GW) as the rest of the planet that has closed (25.6 GW).

The report denounces “Resume building permits” of coal-fired power plants in China at the beginning of 2022, in a “Rewriting the country’s energy policy” That followed the power cuts and rationing in more than half of the governorates by the end of 2021.

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Dans le reste du monde, l’appel lancé à Glasgow lors de la conférence onusienne sur le climat, COP26, par le secrétaire général des Nations unies, Antonio Guterres, à abandonner la construction de nouvelles centrales à charbon pour la planré freiner , to me “Creates the impression of dynamics” : In all, 65 countries pledged to stop building, nearly double the number that committed in January 2021 – there were then thirty-six.

Within the OECD, 86% of countries do not currently have new coal-fired power projects in progress. However, six countries continue to officially consider new projects: the United States, Australia, Poland, Mexico, Japan and Turkey, even if many of them are “You are unlikely to see the light of day”, according to the authors. For example, it is “unlikely” That the project was supported in the United States by Donald Trump when he was president ‘He reached the end’. The report also argues that the planned 500MW Polish plant should not be built in Leczna “In light of the European Union’s climate policy”.

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Projects in Africa in question

In Africa, where the next COP27 international climate conference is scheduled to take place in Egypt, a dozen countries still have coal-related projects – three times less than in July 2021 (Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco and Djibouti).

The report highlights Chinese President Xi Jinping’s commitment at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2021 to stop funding the construction of coal-fired power plants outside China. “Makes many African projects obsolete”with China being the main financial backer of new power plants on this continent.

However, the authors worry that Beijing will enforce the contracts already signed: “So far, there are few [aisé] Whether China cuts the cord for the 56 planned power plants that its public banks and private companies plan to finance.”.

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