A second 8-inch laptop next to the keyboard: This is how Lenovo wants to revolutionize multitasking.

PARIS, April 26 (Benin News/EP) –

Tech promises to come back to school. In September 2022, Lenovo will launch its new phone ThinkBook Plus Gen 3, A laptop that includes for the first time a Innovative 8-inch screen next to the keyboardThe company wants to change the way users work by improving multitasking.

The dual screen is nothing new, but the way Lenovo integrates it into the laptop is quite innovative. ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 will have a file 17.3-inch main screen (3K resolution, 21:10 aspect ratio) and will include a second 8-inch panel It occupies the entire right third of the keyboard area, like a tablet.

This screen too Compatible with Lenovo StylusSo the possibilities are multiplied. “Introducing innovative and unique products such as the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 will play a vital role in enabling new ways of working, creating new efficiencies and opportunities, and helping small and medium-sized businesses in the global recovery,” said Eric Yu, Senior Vice President, Global SMB for Lenovo. Medium business.

Expanding screen space to improve productivity and efficiency often requires connecting a second screen, which is often not portable. Lenovo is developing this innovative concept that will not leave anyone indifferent and respond to user demands in a context characterized by remote work and employee mobility in the wake of the pandemic.

In terms of technology and design, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 is A high-performance laptop powered by 12th generation Intel Core H-series processors.32 GB of RAM and up to 2 TB of solid state storage. It also has a smart power button with a fingerprint reader, an FHD infrared camera with a physical privacy shutter, and a Dolby Atmos speaker system developed by Harman/Kardon, among other specifications.

Second screen uses

But the most noticeable thing about this new device, which was presented at CES in Las Vegas and which will go on the market in September with an expected starting price of 1599 euros, is this dual screen. That’s why the company has released more details on how users can use this new feature.

Therefore, in the particular case of video conferenceIt will ensure a more pleasant interaction with the various tools, by presenting – for example – a chat window or notepad function to take notes on this second screen, while the meeting picture remains full screen on the main panel.

It will also have an interesting use in all Applications for editing and retouching photos or videos. Various software tools can be displayed on the second screen (easy to access manually, next to the keyboard), freeing up the main screen for creative activity. It can also be used as a drawing board to edit or refine images with the stylus.

The “cascade” function is very useful when editing documents, since the source pages can be extended from the main screen to the second screen, while the main screen pages can be modified. Magic Launcher that puts the icons of your most used apps on the second screen. For quick access when not in use for other functions.

Lenovo product experts explain, “The Calculator feature makes navigating through spreadsheets or financial apps easy, and you can set batch launch to automatically open the calculator when you run a spreadsheet, for example.” This is. Mirror the smartphone on this second screen To improve multitasking and synergy between devices.

Eric Yu concludes that “new products, solutions and services designed with the expertise of SME employees in mind will pave the way for smoother and more flexible work environments.”

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