167 deaths in 24 hours, 24702 hospitalized patients

Status update – New measures, new reports, and highlights: le Figaro Provides an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The city of Beijing, for fear of imprisonment, Denmark suspends its extensive vaccination campaign… le Figaro Provides an update on Tuesday, April 26, on the latest information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

167 deaths in 24 hours, 24702 hospitalized patients

167 people died of Covid on Tuesday, according to the daily report from Public Health France. 24,702 people are currently hospitalized (versus 24,980 on Monday), including 1,932 who arrived in the past 24 hours. 1,667 patients are being treated in intensive care.

WHO says low testing threatens virus surveillance

The sudden drop in Covid-19 screening activities worldwide forces the World Health Organization (WHO) to experiment”the blindIn the face of a virus that is still raging and continues to develop, she lamented on Tuesday. “In the face of a deadly virus, ignorance does not bring happinessThe Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said the hijacking of a common expression in the English language (“ignorance is bliss“-“Ignorance is happiness“).

Globally, reported cases and deaths … continue to decline, which is very encouraging. Just over 15,000 deaths were reported to the WHO last week – the lowest weekly total since March 2020He indicated during a press conference held in Geneva. He urged caution because in the absence of testing, the WHO receives less information on transmission and sequencing. This situation “It makes us increasingly blind to patterns of transmission and evolutionHe stressed the spread of the virus, calling on all countries to continue monitoring the disease.

Denmark suspends massive vaccination campaign against Covid

Today, Tuesday, Danish health authorities announced that Denmark, where all restrictions imposed on it were lifted on February 1, will temporarily end its massive vaccination campaign against Covid.

We are in a good position. Spring has come and we have good control over the epidemic, which seems to be starting to subsideAn official from the Danish health agency SST, Bolette Søborg, explained in a press release. “This is the reason we closed the mass vaccination program against Covid-19“.

This decision was justified by the high vaccination coverage (approximately 81% of 5.8 million Danes received two doses and 61.6% three doses) and encouraging indicators: with stable hospitalization rates and a decrease in the number of new infections. The campaign must then resume and the vaccines remain available to non-vaccinators who wish to receive them.

Beijing expanding screening and containment threatens

Parade extended to nearly the entire population of 22 million, weddings and shows canceled, gyms closed: Beijing lives on Tuesday as much in fear of public confinement as it does in Shanghai. China has been facing an epidemic outbreak since March, affecting many provinces to varying degrees. He is responding to this with a zero-Covid strategy, that is, mainly by means of quarantine and mass screening.

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The hardest-hit city was Shanghai, which again reported 52 new deaths on Tuesday and nearly 17,000 infections within 24 hours. The 25 million people have been living under severe confinement since the beginning of April.

The situation is infinitely less dangerous in Beijing. But more than 100 positive cases have been reported since last week, including 33 new cases announced on Tuesday – an increase from previous days. In order to identify and isolate the infected as quickly as possible, the Beijing authorities are carrying out a screening campaign that has extended to 12 of the city’s 16 districts on Tuesday. As of Monday, residents and employees of Chaoyang District, the city’s most populous city and home to many multinational companies, offices, embassies and shopping malls, have already been tested. Eleven new districts began screening their residents on Tuesday. In all, nearly 20 million people were affected by this campaign.

At the same time, the city began to impose restrictions. Even if the authorities did not mention the possibility of confinement, the example of Shanghai frightens many Beijing residents who would rather stock up on food to deal with the possibility.

Biden doubles availability of Covid-19 pills

The Joe Biden administration announced Tuesday that it is doubling the number of places where Americans at risk can get free Covid-19 treatment pills. These oral drugs, such as Pfizer’s antiviral Paxlovid, are being seen as a new weapon of choice in the fight against a virus that has killed nearly a million people in the United States alone and continues to spread.

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One of the most effective treatments available is Pfizer’s antiviral pill, Paxlovid, which has been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization or death by about 90%.A senior government official told reporters.

With 20 million treatments ordered, the government now has it.”large stockIt will double the distribution sites, which will rise to about 40 thousand, according to the official. The pills are widely available in pharmacies, hospitals, and health centers, and the US Drug Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, has authorized this treatment for high-risk patients aged 12 and over. So far, about 500,000 antiviral treatments have been administered, the senior official said, and the pace is accelerating.

A study conducted in France showed that the number of obese children has increased since the health crisis

Cases of obesity and overweight have risen sharply among younger people since the beginning of the health crisis, a study conducted in a French department showed on Tuesday and confirmed other work already carried out abroad.

In children aged four years,Overweight and obesity (…) increased significantly in 2020-2021, compared to the previous two academic yearsThe authors of this study, which was carried out under the auspices of the French Public Health Agency in the Val-de-Marne department in the Paris region, summarized.

The authors examined data on nearly 50,000 children attending kindergarten in this department. These numbers come from health checks that are systematically performed in the midsection, when children are about four years old. Data show that the proportion of obese children nearly doubled in the two years roughly corresponding to the onset of the health crisis. It went from 2.8% to 4.6%. The rate of childhood overweight, a situation that covers broader criteria of obesity, also increased from 8.9% to 11.2%.

US Vice President Kamala Harris tests positive for Covid-19

US Vice President Kamala Harris tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday but is not considered to have had contact.narrowHis spokeswoman announced with President Joe Biden.

Kamala HarrisShe has no symptoms, will self-isolate and continue working from her place of residenceKirsten Allen said in a press release, explaining that she has.She was not in close contact with the President or the First Lady because of their recent travel plans“.

The Finnish president was hospitalized, suffering from Covid disease

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, 73, has been hospitalized due to…Prolonged symptoms of Covid-19Tuesday announced his office. state chief”Feels reasonably well and continues to work remotely”, specify his services. He was diagnosed on April 19, which led to the cancellation of a visit to Norway.

The hospital treatment comes at a time when Finland, a Nordic country that shares a 1,300 km border with Russia, is planning to submit its candidacy to NATO.

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