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Next-gen consoles sell like hot cakes. In France, the PS5 is still the most in-demand console right now, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is showing ridiculous sales numbers. Away from this. For both consoles, stocks are always very tight and not every restock lasts long. If you see this news soon after it’s published, it means that Xbox Series X is available now so act fast!

Finally, the great return of Xbox Series X is in stock!

At JV, we’re following Xbox Series X and PS5 stocks closely. Our sources are very reliable and keep us informed the moment your desired consoles become available for sale. In the back, we publish news like this. Quickly click on the link right below this paragraph!

Update 04/25/2022 at 3:42 PM: Stock out of stock.

Update 04/25/2022 at 3:29 PM: Xbox Series X is available at Micromania.

Although it’s a bit silly, it can’t be ignored that there is a rivalry between PlayStation fans and Microsoft fans. We call it the “Budget War”. In this context, since the tidal wave that was PS4, fans of the Sony world have some impression that they are the kings of the world.

This ignores the brute force that a powerful company like Microsoft can have. Until recently, the gaming world as a whole was on fire after Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard. Thunder bombed about $70 billion which allowed the American giant to take control of several major licenses (including Call of Duty, the bestseller among the best sellers).

Of course, the strength of the parent company isn’t the only asset in the Xbox Series X. At Xbox, it’s an entire philosophy, an entire vision of video games that is the strength of the brand.

Xbox wants you to play everywhere, on as many titles as possible, and on the cheap. In this direction console consoles go, also becoming the great reference for consoles to play on PC. This is also the trend of the popular subscription to Xbox Game Pass, a veritable “Netflix of video games” that the whole world has praised for its value for money. Finally, in this direction, the huge computing power of the console, which has become comparable to PC gamers, is also transmitted.

This vision of the world of video games is increasingly popular. In these complicated times, popularity comes at a high price.

Indeed, the world, in addition to an endless health crisis and an unstable global geopolitical situation, is experiencing a massive shortage of electronic components. If you are looking for a graphics card to mount your computer, you should know this. And again, we’re not talking about power issues, high charging fees, etc. Today, the mass production of modern equipment is a particularly complex matter.

However, this is not a reason to be afraid. If you really want the next generic console, you can have it. The first solution is simply to wait for things to improve in terms of inventory. Mechanically, the more people who manage to get their Xbox Series X, the more supply that meets demand, it will inevitably end up being sold out.

The second solution is to simply wait for the stock to return like today. Those of us who follow closely, know that there are usually a few times a week, only on major online selling sites.

If you can’t get an Xbox Series X today, you’ll get one next time. This news will be updated throughout the week as restocking takes place, so keep the tabs open!

Anyway, here are our tips to help you look for your next generic consoles.

Our solutions to find Xbox Series X ASAP

We would like to tell you that there is a magic formula to be able to produce game consoles, but, unfortunately, there is no hidden secret. Want a rare product that many people crave? You’ll need to arm yourself with persistence and patience (or a bank account big enough not to regret getting rich in stock, but that’s not the point of the day).

However, you can still increase your chances of getting an Xbox as soon as possible by following some basic guidelines. After all this time suffering with you, we have some experience in this field. Here are our tips.

First of all, we highly recommend you to create an account on almost all the big e-commerce sites. When there are Xbox Series Xs in stock, you won’t have time to enter your payment or shipping information. Once you’re done, keep an eye on our site closely. At JV, we always keep you up to date live!

In addition to alerts on the JV, we advise you to keep some tabs open. There is no magical location, as Xbox has the best chance of appearing among the most traditional online merchants.

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  • Check out the stock of Xbox Series X in Micromania
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Everything you need to know about Xbox Series X: The console is more powerful than PS5

At this end of the article, we want to introduce you to the Xbox Series X in more detail. The goal is not to blast into the embers of rivalry with Sony, but to take into account the fundamental differences between the two devices. This can allow some hesitant people to orient themselves better.

Besides the pure design, there’s a lot going on under the covers of the Xbox and PS5 series. Microsoft has equipped its console with “Velocity” architecture. Concretely, this is a way to make the SSD (storage space), processor (the very powerful chip) and RAM in the Xbox Series X communicate very efficiently. Thanks to this, Xbox Series X showcases the greatest computing power in the history of home consoles. Real mini gaming computer.

We won’t dwell on the most technical specifications, but you can trust yourself: with a clock of 12 teraflops, an octa-core processor with a frequency of 3.8 GHz and 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM, the Microsft console is a war machine in the pure hardware level.

As for storage, it’s provided by a super-fast SSD that cuts any load times you’ll encounter. If you need more space than the few hundred gigabytes found in the original console, it is always possible to purchase a Storage Space Extension. officialIt is very easy to connect behind the console. It’s a 1TB SSD made by SanDisk, in close collaboration with Microsoft.

Xbox Series X 1TB Expansion Card at €214 at Amazon

Finally, how can we talk about Xbox without talking about Game Pass. Even if the console, the hardware, is pretty solid, Microsoft always shines on its software, the software. With its Game Pass subscription service, Microsoft is going further than just offering a more efficient device. The American company is revolutionizing the video game market.

GamePass, the true Netflix of video games, lets you download loads of games, including the latest games from Micosoft (and there are more and more of them due to Microsoft’s buyback policy), for a monthly subscription at a very honest cost per service.

The Xbox Series X is a powerful machine, of course, but it’s also built for GamePass: its interface is specifically designed to put service at the heart of the user experience. Further, speaking of services, let’s conclude by recalling that modern consoles are also multimedia platforms filled with applications outside of pure video games and.

Buy a 1-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Amazon

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