The war in Ukraine: a military center, a chemical plant … serial fires raise questions in Russia

Several strategic sites, such as a military institute or a fuel depot, have been the scene of fires in recent days in Russia.

A large fuel depot caught fire in the Russian city of Bryansk near the Ukrainian border, on Monday (April 25). This incident comes after a series of fires that destroyed several strategic Russian sites in recent days. While fatal fires are common due to poor electrical installations in Russia, the attack in Ukraine raises questions about the potential for military strikes. Reviews La Dépêche.

Burned fuel depot in Bryansk

The Russian authorities said that a fire broke out in a large fuel depot, on Monday, in a Russian town near the Ukrainian border, without specifying the causes of the fire. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations noted that “a fire broke out at the fuel depot in Transneft Bryansk Druzhba in Bryansk,” a town 150 kilometers from the border with Ukraine that serves as a logistics base for Moscow’s military offensive in that country. news agencies.

Russia: Bryansk residents reported a fire in the Druzhba oil depot area.
According to eyewitnesses, at first they heard loud noises and then a fire broke out.

– Rebecca Rambar (@RebeccaRambar) 25 April 2022

He added: “According to preliminary information, there were no injuries, and the causes of this fire were not established. The local branch of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Fokinsky district of the city of Bryansk, adding that rescuers and firefighters have been sent to the scene.Red at night in Bryansk, while Thick smoke rose in the sky.

The Interfax news agency reported that a second fuel depot in the same area caught fire, but this information could not be immediately confirmed. The city of Bryansk, located about 150 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, has been used as a logistics base for Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine for more than two months.

Moscow has repeatedly accused Ukrainian forces of carrying out strikes on Russian soil, in particular on a village in the Bryansk region in mid-April. In early April, the governor of the Belgorod region, also located on the border, claimed that Ukrainian helicopters had fired at a fuel depot.

Fire in the space center

Another fire broke out in a building belonging to the Russian Aerospace Center RKK Energija, in the town of Korolev, near Moscow, where many companies operating in the aviation industry are located.

Korolev is known as the “space capital of Russia”: it is considered one of the largest scientific and research centers in the Moscow region.

A chemical factory and a military institute caught fire

Two fires broke out almost simultaneously on Russian soil Thursday, April 21.

The first concerns the Dmitrievsky chemical plant located in the Ivanovo region in central Russia. Large plumes of smoke were seen surrounding the factory and were reported on social media.

\ ud83d \ udd34#urgentA massive fire broke out in one of the largest chemical plants in the world #Russia, specifically in Dmitrievsky in the city of Kineshma. This is the second fire in the country on Thursday after the Tver fire that killed 5 people this morning.

– FabrinoKofficiel (@Fabianooficial) April 21, 2022

In addition, “the government of the Ivanovo region stated that there is no risk of chemical leakage after a fire at the Dmitrievsky chemical plant in Kineshma,” a report from the city confirmed.

At the same time, a military research center in Tver, 160 kilometers from Moscow, was exposed to a violent fire on Thursday, April 21. And Russian news agencies quoted six people killed in the accident. Twenty injured.

Russia: The building of the Air Defense Research Center on the Avanasi Nikitin Bridge in Tver caught fire around 11:00. The cause of the fire is determined. There are people injured.
Contact details: 56.86624, 35.90691

– Rebecca Rambar (@RebeccaRambar) April 21, 2022

According to the Russian news agency TASS, the cause of the fire may have been the electrical wiring of the building.

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