Basketball: We tell you it’s the magic of play-offs


We don’t have anything against Massagno – the people of Ticino are leading 1-0 in their series against Basel – but we have focused on the Romanes, after this first quarter of the quarter-final.

“Chaud Time”, the “Morning” column on Swiss basketball.

LM / Yannick Michel

Geneva Lions – Central Switzerland 83-58, 1-0 in the series

Who knows, maybe we’ve finally seen the beginning of something at Le Pommier. The Geneva Lions dominated their series, and that wasn’t quite a foregone conclusion. Because Swiss Central, this amazing promotion that no longer surprises anyone, has been a nuisance to their pets since the start of the season. Because the Genevans got us so used to getting so low that we never imagined they could go that high…but maybe that’s also the magic of the playoffs.

On Saturday, we saw Eric Nottig (9 assists) behave like such a captain who has been lacking so much since the start of the season. We’ve also seen Dragan Zekovic put in points (23 to 100% on the shot) but from that standpoint, we knew he could. But we also saw him fly to grab rebounds and press his direct opponent 8 meters from his circle. Even Vid Milinkovic, turned second-choice leader, has found something like interest in a reshaped group when its Swiss players (Yorkowitz, Cuba and Ceylon) are all good at the same time.

But we temper: Basketball is a skill-based sport and they won’t shoot every day 50% behind the arc. To protect against any collapse, as of Tuesday, for the second law; You’ll have to defend hard, throw yourself at balls, and control your bounce. And that’s what they did beautifully on Saturday.

Union Neuchâtel – BBC Neon 57-71, 0-1 in the series

It is impossible to predict the winner in this series. We explain.

Tactically prepared by Stefan Ivanovic – his defensive maneuvers around giants Dragan Tupac were superb during Saturday’s first 12 minutes – Nyoni regained the advantage of the field with a win over La Riverine. But they scored 53% out of 3 points (8/15), which is just as glowing as black. Jeremy Gonen and Isaiah Omibeg starred at the end of the match and top scorer Malie Ndwe didn’t have to force his talent. We should also emphasize the ghostly welcome contribution of Laurent Zoccoletti to the throwback.

short. On Saturday, the rockers already had a very good collective result. But this could quickly turn the other way. why? Because Killian Martin, who we saw slapped on his way back to the bench for the last time this weekend, is bound to do better than his rating – 2 and his four fouls in 9 minutes of play. We remember that the Neuchâtel player is after six weeks out, and that clearly lacks rhythm.

Because Brian Kowloon and Selim Fofana definitely wouldn’t miss 22 shots between them.

Because Alexa Popovich definitely won’t bring back another white copy (0 points in 31 minutes!). Otherwise, it will be necessary very quickly for Mitar Trifonovich to ask himself the question of setting up the Neu-Anapyr in his place.

Finally because in the coming days the real problem for Jaunin and Umipig can be called Yoan Granvorka. On the wing for three months, the winger remains the man’s best defender in the league. On Saturday, we saw him getting ready with the group. On Monday, he was scheduled to resume training with contact. Wednesday, the day of the second trimester, he will cross his fingers like never before, hoping to get the go-ahead from the doctor. And that playoff magic is working with him, too.

Friborg Olympic – BBC Monthe 83-74, 1-0 in the series

On paper, this is perhaps the most unbalanced of the series. But in fact, we remain convinced that Monthe has something to play for against Friborg. To eliminate the defender hero? It’s never happened in life, and if the Valaisans win a match, it’s already so beautiful. This season, they often faced the Olympics. The problem is that it’s always half the time. or three quarters. In short, there is still a bit missing and here’s the problem facing a team that Petar Aleksic manages superbly – ten interchangeable players all scored and played between 28 and 8 minutes.

On Saturday, Munthe arrived in Saint-Leonard when his last intensive training dates back to Tuesday – Le Reposieux was under construction on Wednesday and the staff wasn’t aware… Did I say not perfect as a setup? Then Jakuri Payne and his teammates lost a lot of balls and lost a lot of rebounds in the first two quarters. Finally, of the four Swiss players who walked the floor (Totonda, Kessler, Fritchie, Salman), only the first city put a basket.

It was impossible to win a match under these conditions. But the pigs already have a chance to catch up on Tuesday, still in Friborg. We tell you the magic of the playoffs.

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