Ball – N1 (Qualifiers, Round of 16): Bigote made Pont-de-Chéruy absentees forget

There was a shortage of people in St. Thomas (Carter, Turpin, Mondesier), but the stratospheric Valentin Bigotti (41 points) single-handedly blew up the Pont de Cheroy after returning from the locker room on Sunday, April 24, bringing his car. The team had a hit on the river (97-105) which puts them in a perfect position ahead of game two, Friday, at the Docks Océane.

It was a relatively lenient introduction and potentially deceptive. Relatively lenient in terms of opponent’s identity, a mediocre No. 16 in the championship was present for the first time in his history in National 1 qualifiers. Likely a trap given the two last-minute absences of Paul (Carter and Turpin) of St Thomas, he developed gastroenteritis at night. From Friday to Saturday he stayed in Le Havre with Kevin Mondesire, who still has an injury to his hand.

So STB was lacking some vital force when it came to starting his playoff campaign in Isère. But he’ll also lack a few extra components to make his life easier and not collect nearly 100 points against one of the worst attacks in the tournament, which has been banned below 70 units over the course of the entire season. Randomly little more than defensive toughness, aggressiveness and commitment.

“I don’t know if the players have managed to deal with each other”

“I don’t know if the players were able to deal with each other due to absence, but that was in no way an instruction. Obviously, I was expecting more power from them.”This Sunday afternoon, Hervé Coudray made no secret of the room’s exit. Composing only 6 fouls in the first half, reached by spending five lengths (53-48), Hugo Sohard and his buddies logically tightened their tune after returning from the locker room. It was enough for them to beat their young opponents (+16 on the 28th). Also because in the attack, they were then able to count on Valentin Bigotti who walked on the water.

The former Le Mans sniper already had 16 at rest and added 19 in under eight minutes, including 12 behind the arc, to finish the game with 41 points, 11 more than his previous career high. In April 2019 with MSB in the Elite (30 points against Antibes). “I told him before the match that the context reminded me of a meeting I saw last year, the day he lost many players at Le Mans against Cholet. He had a great game (28 points) I expected him to take on more responsibility in the same way.informs his coach.

“I was excited, it’s the start of the qualifiers”

“There are matches like that where you feel good. I was excited, it’s the start of the qualifiers, we all have to raise the bar.”Cleverly comment on today’s MVP (46 reviews, other career record) on Pont-de-Chéruy’s Facebook page. To mention Bigote’s XXXL performance without mentioning one Romain Duporte XXL (27 points, rating 29) would nonetheless be unfair. Bigote – Duport, two Thomistes we expect the most from during these playoffs in terms of their résumés so they won’t miss out on their debut. “We will have to correct some things, because if we allow our opponents to score easily, it will be complicated on the day when we will not be skilled”but warns the former Bilbao.

In the meantime, Saint Tho will have a chance to reach the quarter-finals on Friday (8pm) at home against the same Ezeroa, a franchise of teams like Poitiers and Caen, respectively, trapped in Tarbes/Lord and Lions. “From experience, after such a long season, you always have to fold a string into two matches when you have the chance.”, recalls Coudray, whose centerpiece Jaraun Burrows will go to Paris on Monday before the federation’s disciplinary committee that will judge his five technical errors. Hoping to be notified of the penalty – already “scored” it in a suspended match – before the second round of 16 game. And not a little later in the competition.

At Pont-de-Chéruy, Saint-Thomas beats Pont-de-Chéruy from 105 to 97 (48-53)

(26-27, 22-26, 39-18, 18-26)

Viewers: 500.

Pont de Cheroy: 33/60 on shots (55%), including 11/20 on 3 points (55%), 20/23 on LF (86%), 27 rebounds (Thévenard 6), 22 points (Ndiaye 7), 16 bp (Chelle) 4), 22 ft (removed: Ferreira-Alves, 28), 112 EVAL (Ndiaye 23).

trade mark : Ndiaye 11 points, Chelle 16, Eyoum 16, Thévenard 7, Nseke Ebele 7, then Coudray 9, Guillou 8, David 6, Soumaoro 15, Ferreira-Alves 2.

Bus coach: Donia Issa.

St. Thomas: 38/59 on shots (64%), including 9/18 on 3 pts (50%), 20/22 on LF (90%), 23 rebounds (Bigote 6), 21 pts per day (Sella 9) , 13 bps (scilla), 20 ft., 127 rated (Pegot 46).

trade mark : Scylla 13 points, Sohard 8, Bigot 41, Gentile 5, Burroughs 7, then Traffert 2, Diane 2, Duport 27, Galbon.

Bus coach: Herve Coudray.

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