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In the large family of storage media, Blu-ray is the optical format with the largest capacity. Blu-ray disc or commonly known as Blu-ray is a file A digital storage tool capable of holding many hours of HD video. It is mainly used to store feature films, but also in the field of video games such as Xbox OneAnd Playstation 4And PlayStation 5And Xbox Series.

Its name is due to one of its distinguishing elements: blue laser (which is actually a purple color) used for disc reading which makes it possible to read and write information only if there is a red laser present in the DVDs.

There are actually several types of Blu-ray discs including:

  • The BD-A : Used for single playback of audio files.
  • The AVCHD : Limited to lower audio and video bit rates, ease of interaction and use of AVC-video and Dolby AC-3 audio.
  • The AVCREC : It is tightly integrated with the Japanese ISDB broadcast standard and is not released outside Japan.
  • 3D Blu-ray : Used to store 3D movie and TV content
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray : These discs are not compatible with current standard Blu-ray players. that they4K UHD video support At rates up to 60 progressive frames per second.

From the following, it is clear that Blu-ray discs are more complex than DVD media and therefore require different suitable software than DVD player. DVD can be played on a Blu-Ray player, but not the other way around.

When it comes to playing Blu-ray on PC, it is necessary to have an internal or external (USB) Blu-ray player. The main brands involved in manufacturing Blu-ray players are: Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp.

Price: The price of this Blu-ray player varies slightly depending on the dealer and model, and a reference is currently available at €82.5 on Amazon: Blu-ray USB 3.0 DVD Player and Type-C Blu-Ray DVD Writer 3D Slim

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3D External Blu Ray DVD CD Drive , USB 3.0 Slim BD CD DVD Drive for PC Mac Windows

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  • USB 3.0 technology ensures more stable and faster data transfer, and is compatible with USB 2 …
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1 – MthsTec 3.0 External DVD/Blu-ray Drive (Device)

As mentioned in the introduction, to play Blu-ray on PC, it is necessary You have a Blu-ray player to insert the disc And take good care Take the 4K Blu-ray model so you can play the latest movies in UHD resolution. The Blu-ray and DVD player from the MthsTec brand is one of the best in its class. It makes it possible to read and burn DVD and Blu-ray discs on PC. Recommended for Windows and Mac systems.

The main advantages of this device:

  • The latest technology that makes high-resolution burning possible. Supports 8.5G CD/DVD burning; 4.7 grams; 700 m. Blu-ray player enables faster playback and recording.
  • Driver installation is not required.
  • Advanced 3.0 high-speed interface max 5Gbps (6 times faster than 2.0).
  • It supports 3D videos and displays them in a clarity that is close to 4K.
  • Wide Compatibility: This USB 3.0 Blu-ray drive can be used in Windows and Mac laptops/desktops.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND MODERN DESIGN: When using this external drive, you will be pleased to notice the beautiful transformation of the lantern on its surface.

As a weak point, we can point out that this support does not play 4K UHD discs.

2 – Blu-ray player for PC: Blu-ray player AnyMP4 (Software)

Play Blu-ray on PC It also requires software capable of reading data from said drive. The media players available by default are limited to playing standard videos and sometimes DVDs. Most of these players lack codecs for Blu-ray playback. AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is a Windows and Mac software, mainly designed for Blu-ray playback. This software allows you to play Blu-ray purchased online or in stores or even burn it yourself. In addition to Blu-ray disc playback, it also supports 4K and UHD 1080p video playback and supports all popular video and audio formats, including MOV, MP4, AVI, FLAC, M4A, MP3…

As strong points for this reader, we can list:

  • Uninterrupted and high-speed Blu-ray playback, just start Blu-ray playback through this player to enjoy your home theater experience.
  • Control All popular video and audio formats such as: MP4, MTS, M2TS, MXF, MKV, AVI, DivX, MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC…
  • Play videos 4K UHD Resolution with codecH.265 . introduced Enabled, allowing you to watch movies and videos in full screen mode.
  • Ability to customize video parameters such as hue, contrast and saturation.
  • High Quality Audio: This player supports 5.1 audio ( Dolby DigitalAnd Special Drawing Rights).
  • Read ISO files
  • Simple and understandable interface.

Price: AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player offers a trial version that allows watermarked Blu-ray playback and ISO files for 30 days.

The full version is available in three plans:

  • 1 year license, 1 pc: €31.50
  • Lifetime license, 1 pc: €41.40
  • Family license, 5 pcs: €89.00

To play your movie collection on your laptop, on vacation, on the plane or on the train, you should carefully analyze the needs and take care to buy a player compatible with all market standards in 2022: Ultra precisionAnd 4KAnd Dolby Visionetc., but also to have a program capable of decoding video streams from these new formats.

With the above recommended model and softwareAnyMP4-You have a solution that ensures the smooth running of all films.

If you know or use other products, feel free to come and express them in the comments.

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