What we know about the intensification of fighting in the Donbass region and in the south of the country, over which Russia aims to “complete control”.

The war in Ukraine has entered a new phase. Two months after the start of the Russian invasion, on Friday, April 22, Moscow announced its intention “To establish complete control over Donbass and southern Ukraine” to “To ensure a land passage to the Crimea”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invited a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on Saturday. To end the war.

The war in Ukraine: follow the latest information in our lives

Russian troops, which withdrew from the Kyiv region and northern Ukraine at the end of March, have already occupied a significant part of the east and south of the country. Franceinfo is assessing the situation in these regions.

UN calls for ‘immediate’ truce in Mariupol

A new attempt to evacuate civilians to the city of Zaporizhia failed on Saturday, the deputy mayor said on his Telegram account in Mariupol, a strategic port in the southeast of the country largely controlled by the Russian army. Several humanitarian corridors have already been canceled at the last minute in Mariupol, Moscow and Kiv, blaming each other for these failures.

The last Ukrainian soldiers in the city, like civilians, barricaded themselves at the Azovstal Factory, one of the largest metallurgical complexes in Europe. The Russian military said it was ready to monitor “in every moment” truce “on the whole or in part” From this location to allow the evacuation of civilians and the handover of combatants. Kyiv has On the other hand, he confirmed She explained that the Russian forces continued their bombardment on Sunday City. Volodymyr Zelensky also warned that Ukraine would abandon negotiations with Moscow if the Russian army killed the soldiers holed up in the factory.

Geographical location of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol (Ukraine).  (Eileen Luzon / France Info)

On Sunday, the United Nations called for a truce “Live” In Mariupol, to allow the evacuation of about 100,000 civilians still trapped in the city. “There must be a pause in the fighting now to save lives. The longer we wait, the more lives will be at risk.”Said Amin Awad, the United Nations coordinator in Ukraine.

To the west of Mariupol, Russian forces “They tried to continue their assault on the city of Houliaïpole”in the Zaporizhia region, halfway between the city of the same name and Mariupol, is an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency.

Fatal bombings in Odessa

At least eight people, including a child, were killed in Russian strikes on the southern Ukrainian port city of Odessa on Saturday, according to Kyiv. “Seven missiles targeted Odessa”.one of them “I hit an apartment building” And “Two were killed” By the Ukrainian air defense system, Volodymyr Zelensky said.

For its part, the Russian army announced that it targeted from “High-precision missiles” Logistics station at a military airfield near Odessa containing weapons delivered to Ukrainian forces by the United States and European countries.

A Russian offensive is also taking place in the area between Kherson, the only administrative capital captured by the Russians from the first days of the invasion, and Mykolaiv, on the road to Odessa. TheIn Russia “It tries to improve and solidify its tactical positions.” control of “Administrative boundaries of the Kherson Territory”Near the Black Sea reassures the Ukrainian army.

Continuous blows in Donbass

In the separatist regions of Donbass, Russian troops Concentrate their efforts in the area between Sloviansk and Kramatorska city located in the Donetsk region, details the Russian presidency.

In the neighboring Luhansk region, six civilians were killed on Saturday in Russian raids near the village of Girsky. According to the governor of the region, Sergio Gaidai. TheRussian forces “Keep attacking” The cities of Rubezny and Sferodonetsk. The shots in Rubigny do not stop. Ukrainian civilians have taken refuge in a theater basement in the city, according to France Télévisions’ special envoys.

The Russian military said, on Saturday, that it carried out 1,098 artillery and missile strikes in the past 24 hours. “They literally bomb everything H24”Writing on his Telegram channel Serguiï Gaidai, he called on residents to evacuate. The governor of Luhansk also announced two deaths and two injuries in Zolote.

Kharkiv still “partially banned”

west of the Donbass River, Kharkov remains “Partially Forbidden” by Russian forces who ‘Strengthening their positions’ South of the city, according to a spokesman for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. TheOn his part, the Kharkiv governor announced on Saturday the control of the Ukrainian forces, After long fierce battles, Three villages north of the city. Three people were killed and seven others were wounded by Russian bombing of this city, according to Oleg Senegubov.

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