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The kingdom reopened its borders to foreign travelers. But under the circumstances, it is especially cruel to children. Naval links with Spain resumed, but not yet with France.

After two months of complete lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Morocco reopened its airspace on February 7, 2022. The resumption of maritime traffic, which was scheduled for the same date, is finally only partially, according to a note from the ministry. tourism. Ferries can operate exceptionally, but only in the direction of Morocco and France. On the other hand, maritime traffic between Morocco and Spain has returned, following the April 7 summit between the two countries.

Driven by the desire to revive tourism activity damaged by the pandemic, the decision to reopen Morocco to visitors is also based on improving the health situation. At the site, the number of new cases has fallen dramatically in recent weeks, dropping to less than a hundred a day. More than 23 million Moroccans had received a second dose of the vaccine by March 10 and nearly 6 million third injections, making the country an African champion in vaccination. Unsurprisingly, the reopening has revived the interest of French tourists. Morocco, a traditional “winter sun” destination, is also popular in April and May, especially during the spring holidays.

Arrival in Morocco: a vaccine, a test .. What are the entry requirements for a French tourist?

The kingdom has been classified as “green” by France (“little or moderate circulation of the virus, in the absence of an emerging variable of concern”) since mid-February. However, only vaccinated French can go there for tourist reasons. Moroccan government protocol states that all travelers must present their vaccination card before boarding the plane.

This is amazing pass With “full outline” taken into consideration As per the terms of the country of issue.determinant of figaro Director General of the National Office of Highways, Adel Al-Faqir. The French vaccination card is recognized by the Moroccan authorities, in its paper or digital version, via the “Tous AntiCovid” application.

  • 48 hour negative PCR test

Before boarding, French travelers must also submit negative PCR results for less than 48 hours (the short time between sample and registration). A formality calling for Moroccan tourism professionals to abolish it.

  • Passenger health card

Passengers must have a passenger health card, to be downloaded or distributed to aircraft and ships “duly inform him, in particular, of his address and two telephone numbers, allowing his whereabouts to be determined, if necessary, within the ten days following his arrival”defines the National Airports Office (ONDA).

  • Random test on arrival

Since 1 March Upon arrival at Moroccan airports, screening tests are no longer regular for all passengers ‘, points to the National Airports Office (ONDA). These antigen tests are now being performed randomly.

What happens in the case of a positive test upon arrival in Morocco?

Two scenarios in the event of a positive rapid antigen test result: If the traveler is “asymptomatic or has a moderate picture”, treatment is planned “in self-isolation at home or in a hotel” for “tourists”, according to a valid national protocol”. The duration of any self-isolation was not specified.

In the case of ‘moderate symptoms’, there is a provision for ‘management in a public or private hospital’. Morocco uses azithromycin in particular to treat moderate cases, with the possibility of using mollopiravir, an antiviral for systemic use since January.

What are the conditions for children?

Minors between 6 and 18 years of age are required to submit a negative PCR test result within 48 hours on board and may undergo a random rapid antigen test upon arrival. For children under 6 years of age, no vaccination or PCR test is required.

Vaccination card Hotels and restaurants .. Procedures in force in Morocco

While the state of health emergency has been extended until March 31, restrictions (curfew, intercity travel restriction, etc.) have been lifted in Morocco as most public places have been allowed to reopen, with the exception of nightclubs and casinos. Local operators say nightclubs have been allowed to open again since March 9 on the last list with casinos still suspended. Since October 21, vaccination permit It is theoretically required to have access to all public places, departments, hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, gyms or bathrooms, and to move between the different regions of the kingdom. The wearing a mask (Simple) Also mandatory across the country.

How much does an anti-covid test cost in Morocco?

The Test prices Maximum limit in Morocco: about 19 euros for a rapid antigen test, 40 euros for a RT-PCR test and 60 euros for a PCR test and its isothermal variants (rapid tests). Several centers are available and exams can also be taken at hotels or accommodations.

Back to France: What is the protocol?

a PCR or antigen testing is no longer necessary Since mid-February to return to France, regardless of origin, if you have a vaccination permit.

Persons who have not been vaccinated or vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine must submit a negative PCR test result less than 72 hours, an antigen test less than 48 hours, or a recovery certificate.

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