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TeamViewer is a free remote access program with features not usually found in similar products. It is easy to use and works on almost any device.

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what we like

Entièrement gratuit.

Prend en charge le chat (texte, vidéo et voix sur IP).

L'impression à distance est autorisée.

Supporte le Wake-on-LAN (WOL).

Aucune configuration de transfert de port n'est nécessaire.

Fonctionne avec plusieurs moniteurs.

Nombreux moyens de contrôler l'ordinateur.

What we don’t like

Le numéro d'identification "permanent" peut changer de façon inattendue.

Il peut cesser de fonctionner s'il pense que vous l'utilisez à des fins commerciales.

This software tops our list of the best free remote access software. However, many users have reported that the software, despite being free for personal use only, incorrectly identifies that they are using it for commercial purposes and demands payment. You may not have had this experience, but if you do, consider using an alternative TeamViewer such as Remote Utilities or Chrome Remote Desktop.

Learn more about TeamViewer

La dernière version du programme fonctionne sur Windows 11, 10, 8 et 7, tandis qu'une version plus ancienne peut être installée sur Windows Vista et Windows XP. Il fonctionne également sur macOS, Linux, Android, iOS et quelques autres systèmes d'exploitation.
Si vous possédez un appareil iOS, vous pouvez partager votre écran avec un utilisateur TeamViewer distant.
Vous pouvez redémarrer un ordinateur à distance en mode sans échec, puis vous reconnecter automatiquement à TeamViewer.
Aucune configuration de routeur n'est nécessaire pour le mettre en place.
Une installation à distance du programme peut être mise à jour facilement.
Les sessions à distance peuvent être enregistrées dans un fichier vidéo afin que vous puissiez facilement les revoir ultérieurement.
Partagez une seule fenêtre d'application ou l'ensemble du bureau avec un autre utilisateur.
Les fichiers, les images, le texte, les dossiers et les captures d'écran peuvent être transférés entre deux ordinateurs à l'aide de l'outil de transfert de fichiers de TeamViewer ou de la fonction normale du presse-papiers.
Les fichiers peuvent également être transférés.
Un tableau blanc vous permet de dessiner et de mettre en évidence des objets sur un écran distant.
Un outil d'information sur le système à distance est inclus pour voir facilement les informations de base sur le matériel, le système d'exploitation et le réseau de l'ordinateur auquel vous êtes connecté.
TeamViewer peut être utilisé comme un programme portable pour un accès rapide, ou installé pour accepter en permanence les connexions à distance.

TeamViewer offers two different downloads that you can use to access a remote computer, but they both work in much the same way. You will choose one over the other depending on your needs.

Each installation gives a unique identification number associated with that computer. This number never changes, even if you update or reinstall TeamViewer. This is the identification number that you will share with another user so that they can access your computer.

Although this ID number should never change, some users reported that it actually became a new number at random. If you plan to use TeamViewer as the only remote access software, you might consider installing another tool besides it, in case you need to find your ID number when you are away from your computer.

The full version of TeamViewer is completely free and is the software you need to install if you want to set up a PC for continuous remote access so that you can always establish a connection when you’re not there, which invokes unattended access.

You can log into your account to easily track the remote computers that you can access.

For instant and automatic help, you can use QuickSupport. This version of the software is portable, so you can run it quickly and instantly capture the ID number and share it with someone.

If you are helping a friend or family member, the easiest solution for them would be to install QuickSupport. When he turns it on, he receives an identification number and a password that he must share with you.

You can connect to your QuickSupport PC using the full software or QuickSupport version – both allow remote connections. So you can install the portable version and establish a strong connection between the two of you, which is the fastest way of remote access for both parties.

If you want to set up unattended access to log into your computer while you are away, simply set an administrator password that never changes. Once you have completed this step, all you have to do is log into your account from a browser, mobile device or computer with TeamViewer installed to establish the connection.

Ideas about TeamViewer

TeamViewer has been one of our favorite remote desktop programs for quite some time. QuickSupport is so simple and easy to use that I always recommend it as a priority when providing remote assistance to someone, and it’s one of the few remote access programs that allows you to remotely view the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

The fact that TeamViewer doesn’t require you to set up port forwarding is a big plus, because most people don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up router changes to accept remote connections. Moreover, all that needs to be shared is the username and password which are clearly visible when you first open the program, so it is very easy for everyone to use.

If you have always wanted to access your computer remotely, TeamViewer will not miss this requirement either. You can configure TeamViewer so you can always connect to it, which is great if you need to exchange files or view a program on your PC when you’re away from it.

What we don’t like at all is the difficulty of using the browser version. Although you can connect to another computer via a browser using TeamViewer, it is not as easy as with the desktop version. However, we can’t complain as there is a desktop version available that is easy to use.

Another aspect of TeamViewer that seems to stop most people from using it (and why we don’t recommend it over other remote access tools) is that it might suspect that you’re using the program for some reason. Commercial even if it is not, and therefore will stop working until you pay. The only other solution you have if this happens is to contact customer support.

As mentioned earlier, another weird issue with this software is that it may change your ID number one day, making it impossible to access your computer remotely unless you know the updated number. This is likely a rare condition, but you should be aware of it.

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