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The MotoGP World Championships started in March with two successes for Enea Bastianini, at the top of the rider classification. Milestone, the illustrious Italian, wants to continue down this path with MotoGP 22. The simulator introduces a new historical mode, split screen, and some overhauls to its gameplay. Enough to erase the disappointment of MotoGP 21?

If France’s Fabio Quartararo has halted the Spanish dominance of the three riders Mir Maques Lorenzo in the World Speed ​​Championship since 2012, the king of motorcycles on consoles is the Italian. Milestone Moto GP launched in 2013 but it’s less exciting with the asphalt simulation than the muddy roads of MXGP or Monster Energy Supercross. The path of the new console generation is difficult, Above all else in the viewfinder, the MotoGP 22 aims to create a cohesive action compared to last season.

new blood…

Doctor at work

On the ground after the MotoGP 21, the license wanted to put some gas back into its engine this year. The content is more intense this time with A script mode called Nine: Season 2009 arrives. This relives the legendary season that pitted Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner against each other. An epic battle for four on 17 grand prix to live or relive this great idea. Nine alternate sounds, photo archives, and challenges take place with the four heroes. The sequence works very well and provides excellent immersion In the races, but above all a historic setting that was missing last season and disappointing in MotoGP 20. We’re obviously careful not to reveal the final result of the 2009 season if you don’t try it in front of your TV so you can enjoy a moment like the Drive to Survive series on Netflix.

Another small novelty is not a status, but an advantage. It is now possible to play in split screen With a friend, the data wasn’t there during recent authorships. This anomaly is now fixed in 2022, although we regret that there is no circuit generator available in many other Milestone games. Crossplay is also accessible between console generations, which is yet another smile for PS4 / Xbox One gamers who want to battle with lucky PS5 / Xbox owners.

…with age

MotoGP 2022: The motorcycle video game is accelerating but not completely!

Research and development in the quarry is still present.

Good additions are the green lights, but the MotoGP 22 is holding back due to too many elements and a slack situation. The career certainly goes beyond simple sequences of races, but it’s still very close to what the program has offered before. You can start in a lower category (Moto 2, Moto 3), join an existing team or a team built from scratch, but only R&D (improving your vehicle over several weeks, hiring technicians) and managing your contract provides a little depth. Otherwise, We always lack script writing and animation variety On and off the track thus immersion, which is where the problem lies in most Milestone Career modes.

The more time passed, the more we questioned the studio’s ability to surprise in terms of content and visual presentation. MGP22 is stable at 60fps, with far fewer bugs and aliasing than before, but we were hoping for better graphics on PS5 or Xbox Series. Sure, the production time between two parts is very short, but It would take a leap at this level one day to surprise the regulars.

Milestone and MotoGP in search of ambition?

It is impossible to talk about stopping, which rather corresponds to the MotoGP 21, but rather a timid recovery. Along with Nine: The 2009 season and split screen, this opus brings satisfaction to his AI. AI ANNA, the anarchist in his latest appearance, is now more reliable. Get out of the mindset of the alternating bumper car, as computer-controlled opponents outperform the cleaner even if the advantage in bumps is very favorable to the human player. With always sad rolls, the MotoGP 22 is a good gateway to the series for new motorcycle racing enthusiasts since the balance between challenge and discovery is well respected, but fans of the epic won’t be surprised. It’s a shame, because apparently we say that quite a lot with the recent Milestone games.

strength point

  • All licenses from circuits to pilots
  • Many historical runners
  • ANNA AI is back to level
  • Tire/fuel management aspect
  • Nine mode is very cute
  • To play in split screen
  • compelling profession…

Weak points

  • …but not improved!
  • Always more MotoE
  • Circle Editor is missing
  • Summary Lists
  • Graphic appearance Running out of steam

It’s a small leap that Milestone brings with the MotoGP 22. The official MotoGP World Championship simulation was made better than the previous part, but it didn’t manage to take the series to a new level. The fault with the quality of the graphics in the game, with an engine that begins to age without forgetting that the license is stagnant in the animation and its functional status. However, the title manages to capture interest with a new “Season 9” mode that relives the legendary 2009 season, and a compelling AI and split screen are finally available. Limiting the damage, the Italian studio will wait for the MotoGP record title.


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