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The results of the second round of the presidential election are now known. If France as a whole chose to renew Emmanuel Macron for a second five-year term, then Guadeloupe, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy, as well as Martinique and Guyana, chose to put his opponent in front. Marine Le Pen also achieved her best result in Guadeloupe, getting close to 70% of the votes cast. A vote is not limited to expressing disapproval of the outgoing president.

You didn’t have to be a great strategist to diagnose Marine Le Pen’s first place after the polls on Saturday 23 April in Guadeloupe, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy, where elements of the first round were already anticipated. At most, the magnitude of the result may still be surprising. But it would be wrong to make it a mere expression of a protest vote, a simple retaliation for “anti-manipulation” or a response to the detainees’ problems. A thesis that is easy to comment on but, nevertheless, burdens an entire socio-political reality which we must now be able to understand head-on.

First, there is a deep chasm between Guadeloupe’s political elite and the population. The stronger abstention during provincial and territorial elections than during presidential elections shows the people of Guadillo’s lack of interest in all that the local political class can offer them. Of course, elected officials were content to announce their election without delving deeply into the still-widening abstention gap.

But they know it. Their late entry into health and social conflict management and their poor commitment to the presidential election campaign are there to prove it. Always on the lookout for current trends, they often prefer to wait for those trends to be expressed to take a stand, just to always be on the right track. And some during this presidential election remained strangely silent, knowing that they would then have to manage the upcoming legislative elections.

Press conference of elected officials in Guadeloupe, Monday 29 November 2020

© Ch. Dunquin

In fact, everyone shows their deep detachment from the realities of the region that they ignore. But they may not be the only ones who did not understand this region and its true fears. The preference shown by some union and political movements in favor of Jean-Luc Mélenchon could suggest that the France Insoumise leader has acquired a real personal aura during the first round vote in Guadeloupe.

Domuta and Melanchon

© M. Gulabkan

But, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s instructions not to have a sound on Marine Le Pen’s name clearly did not resonate in Guadeloupe. This means that these voters are not resilient. Neither the leaders of the organizations of the social movement, nor the leaders of the national camp, can imagine that Guadeloupe could vote for it fundamentally.

So we must slip off the pedestals on which everyone has crouched, believing in their own feelings that they have benefited from the legitimacy of speaking on behalf of Guadeloupe.

LKP January 24, 2009

On January 24, 2009, more than 60,000 citizens of Guadeloupe march in the streets “kont la pwofitasyon”

Time to get acquainted with the “nu” of the 2009 chorus that declared “La Guadeloupe si tan nu, la Guadeloupe si ba ta yu”, the “nu” and the “yo” that we have a problem on April 24, 2022, 13 years later, that must be resolved. And in the name of this “No” and this “U” some thought they should prevent Marine Le Pen from developing in Guadeloupe during her campaign, when now, through the ballot box, she is more legitimate than them.

This action against her may have partly contributed to some voters supporting her. Many have already publicly expressed their disagreement with this measure of the nationalist parties. The answer will be heard at the bottom of the ballot box.

Press conference of national organizations following Marine Le Pen's visit to Guadeloupe

Press conference of national organizations following Marine Le Pen’s visit to Guadeloupe

© Rodrigue Lamy

But in this Nou there are all those who find it difficult to identify themselves with a European dictated agricultural policy that is gradually re-shuffling the cards of sugar or banana production by favoring ACP countries against the interests of producers in West India. . There are also all the fishermen whose activity we want to limit so as not to interfere with the activities of our non-European neighbours.

So, even if Europe helped build roads and structures, it would bring back the giants who could have driven there to the parking lot. This, the candidate of the National Assembly and her supporters knew how to echo when the President of the Republic made it clear to them, through the voice of his ministers and local representatives, that it was necessary to adapt to European desires. Anyway, that’s what they heard on Earth.

Jordan Bardella's Guadeloupe (RN) campaign

© Dr. Quirin

And then, in this Nou, there are also those who had a hard time hearing a young minister abroad lecture them through elected officials, as if they were the spoiled sons of the Republic.
They found it difficult to hear talk of the “nationalization” entrusted to elected officials they did not trust.
They have also struggled to adapt to all the societal reforms adding to each other, which is evident according to the media, but which defy their moral scheme, without anyone ever asking for their opinion. Moreover, disputing about it means risking qualifying as reactionary. They were silent and voted and abstained.

A ballot paper slipped into a ballot box during an election in Guadeloupe

A ballot paper slipped into a ballot box during an election in Guadeloupe

© Eddy M. Gulabkan

And since we have never failed to remind them that their vote seldom matters when a very clear majority emerges nationally, most of the time when elections are uncertain, they are remembered, so they are freed from all the considerations that those who think they hold the ‘No’ keys think imposed on them.

At the bottom of the ballot box, they emphasized the option of making local and national politicians on all sides, as well as trade unions, ‘U’ from ‘Nu’ Everyone must now know if today they want to get their vote.
In a way, it is time for an update that the legislative election campaign so close will not allow but will one day have to implement rather than go from misunderstanding to misunderstanding without daring to move forward.


© L. Guido

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