Charge your Mac, this program can speed up its operation 3 times

It is essential to take care of your Mac to extend its life. With a program like the Intego washing machine, you are sure to give your Apple computer another chance.

Why change your Mac when all you need is software to give it a second life? This is exactly what Intego, a French company specializing in software for Apple computers, offers. Its software called Washing Machine allows you to do great cleaning and optimization of the disk to increase its speed.

Like all computers, Macs tend to slow down over time. This is due to taking up space on the hard disk which hinders the performance of the device. So a regular deep cleaning should be done to keep your PC up-to-date and fast. If you have not done this before (and if you are afraid to do something stupid), it is better to use third-party programs.

There are very few tools of this type, or they are very expensive. Fortunately, Intego has revolutionized the market with its affordable mainstream offerings. At this price, you’d better take advantage of it because it can speed up your Mac apps up to 3 times. At the moment, this French software is sold at 19.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros for lifetime use.

Discover the washing machine

Once you’ve spent nearly $20 to use this cleaning tool, it’s yours – forever. This is an important point because all other cleaning programs require an annual subscription (often 20-30 euros per month). With Intego, you have one account and after that you can use the washing machine for life.

This fully corresponds to the principle of this program: there is no point in running it every day. It is best to activate it once every three months to make sure everything is OK. Intego will then look for old installation files, duplicate or triple downloaded files, and translation files that don’t belong, and return them to you. You are then free to delete them to make room.

Why choose Intego and this program?

As the company just celebrated its 25th anniversary, it has become more than ever a benchmark for improving Mac software and security. The French company has been praised by many experts for its software. He drew a line under Windows, Android, and iOS gadgets to focus solely on Apple computers. With more than 30 million customers worldwide, it has proven expertise.

This tool to clean and speed up your Mac is a real nugget. It can extend the life of your computer for years. This will save you from taking a large amount to renew it. But be careful, you have to take good care of it before that: we advise you to take the program when your computer is still in good shape. It is important to take care of it from the very beginning, to delay its aging.

In addition to this Mac cleaning tool, French Intego is famous for its antivirus. If you want to use both programs at the same time, there is a formula that combines all of the manufacturer’s software. It’s called Mac Premium Bundle X9, and it includes its own washer and antivirus, a tool that makes automatic cloud backups, and a parental control tool. In the end, for €29.99 a year (instead of €84.99 currently) you have the ultimate in protection for your PC.

If you have the means, we can only advise you to use this Mac Premium package. Anyway, Intego gives you a 30-day trial period to convince you of its software. And know that you never stick to their products with an annual subscription: so you can cancel from the first year if you no longer see the need for them. The washing machine is a one-time purchase, the question will not arise.

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Discover the Intego Bundle

Discover the washing machine

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