‘Big Mop’ and ‘Idiot Sports’: Germaine Castano’s dirt reaction after Orleans Laureate Baskett’s team comeback

Never stingy with kind words and an inexhaustible hunter of colorful metaphors, Germain Castano did not fail in his reputation on Sunday, April 24 after Aurelien Lorette Baskett’s sensational comeback against Bourg-en-Presse. The Orleans coach was smiling from ear to ear after the emotional pull his team had just given him. Selected pieces.

Out of standards! Aurelien Laureate Baskett wins in a scenario beyond amazing against Borg en Press

on the result

“It’s unbelievable. I’ve been doing this business for 19 years, This is the first time this has happened to me. I came back a few times from crazy situations, even with Orleans, but the A-32, I never experienced that. This victory is great. “

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On the performance of his players

In the locker room, I keep telling my players that I want to insult themI don’t, because I’ll only remember the second half, but The first is outrageous in intentions. We’re supposed to be on a mission, but that’s the big mop. It’s a drawing! In the second half, we change our defense a little bit, we make it reeling and we succeed. The room meets us and an unusual scenario occurs. finally ! Because we played a lot of bad luck, we finally have a scenario that will drive us crazy with the victory we are going to seek.

On the game plan

“I thought that tactically, we prepared it well for this match, I said it again in the morning with my assistants … in the first half (27-57), you tell yourself that fortunately you are well prepared (laughs). After what happens, it’s Far from reality…”

We suffered, we accepted everything, our faces washed up and we did nothing. In the first half, those who do not want to defend or who are depressed, can stay on the bench. We put men who have the quality to make energy.”

on the mood

Basketball is great, we play the fools game All the same. In the first half we get a whistle, which is something I can understand. In the end, this happens. I do not know what to say. I loved the room, the little touch that made the last basket, it might have been the energy of the room that gave it. “

on supplement

“You can’t be underestimated, but you can’t catch fire. We must not take ourselves to the world champions in three days. You have to take advantage, it’s great what happened. Starting tomorrow, we recover and go back to the Strasbourg match. “

Interview by Jerome Cotton Coudray

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