ALM Évreux is unstoppable, nine teams tremble for their survival

At Quimper, we lost almost everything. Match first (106-80) against Polazac, the +20 basket average gained at the start of the season against BBD and then finally 14th place in the Pro B rating. “We played at their own pace,” Paul Le Douquet judged on LNB TV microphone. , after the meeting. The rams were stunned before they could charge. It was the indifferent attitude left by the locals that whistled at the end of the match. To prove: Nick Moore didn’t play a minute of the third quarter but won 25-21 by his team. A quickly forgotten game for UJAP. On the other hand, it was party time: Quentin Cerrone gave his precious experience (14 points on 6/6 in shots, 3 rebounds, 5 assists and 20 PIR), Nick Moore would have scored 22 points in barely 20 minutes and Evan February signed a brace. Serious double (14 points, 10 rebounds). a party. Polazak gives himself some air with this second win in a row and sees maintenance at the end of the tunnel. BBD tied for wins with Nantes, Quimper and Tours but they are benefiting from a positive dynamic with Nick Moore returning from an injury to the top.

Tours find themselves very difficult

Despite the 32-15 being charged in the past 10 minutes, the Knights of Tours seemed to charge too late. Marquis Towns with 15 points and 19 reviews wouldn’t be enough, on its own, to be able to feed the brand on the Tourangaux side. France international Jason Chicambode was intrigued about the leader’s position on the bench and finished the match with a rating of 13. Evreux was the strongest at the start of each half: 22-16 to start the match, 22-9 after the break. The two strongmen in these quarters are called Fabian Paschal (18 points, 5 rebounds, 17 PIR) who dominated the opponent’s racket at the start of the meeting and Shkin Munanga who will take off after returning from the locker room (24 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and a rating of 31 ). In Jean Faurie and without his captain Marquis Jackson (neither Gazelle nor Kazakoskas), ALM took its ninth straight success and secured a place in the playoffs, with its eyes now focused on the top five for its land advantage. They are Tourangeaux, starting a real crusade against direct maintenance competitors: Nantes, Boulazac and then Quimper will be in the program before finishing the season against the Blois.

A good operation, in addition to BBD, is Nantes that you also carry out. La Trocadière was able to enjoy a precious 82-71 victory over the ASA. Despite holding out for 17th in Pro B, Hermine is now linked with Tours, Quimper and Boulazac, the first candidates not to be relegated to the top flight. Nantes let the storm pass in the first half for the perfect shot in the second half: 22-15, then 27-20. The hero of the era responds to the name of Maine Samba. Off the bench, he planted 26 points on 9/11 in shots including 7/9 from long distance. His winning shots would be of paramount importance to Nantes, who was able to survive against Julian Espinosa’s group. The good performance of Jérôme Cazenobe (14 points, 6/6 in shots, 22 ratings) and in general the collective performance of ASA (nine of the ten players who scored four points or more) will be repeated against Vichy-Clermont to victory on April 29. From Aix-Maurienne (14v-16d) to Nantes (12v-18d), no fewer than nine teams will fight to avoid escorting Rouen at National 1.

Saint-Quentin clings to the Top 5, Saint-Vallier moves away from the playoffs

Without Kendall Anthony, Saint-Quentinoy would have had no trouble beating neighbor Lille (69-62). In Saint-Sauveur, Benoit Gillet’s teammates (15 points, rating 16) quelled Lille’s hopes since the start of the match (23-6). This allowed them to control the game without fear. The Red Giants tried to seal the match in the last three minutes. But Zeemi Nogbo’s transparency in scoring in the second half did not allow the locals’ ambush to take place. Maxime Bezin’s men lacked the extra spirit that would have been brought by Thomas Hugh Courtois, who did not participate in the meeting. Julian Mahe and Saint Quentin leave the capital of Flanders with a major victory that allows them to focus on the Pro B podium.

Saint Valier was never there when they took in the sharks. Antibes had to win to cement its eighth place in the standings and widen the gap with Aix Maurienne, the first team to not qualify for the playoffs. That’s what was successfully accomplished 88-69 at Drum. The locals took their last fights in the last quarter (25-15). The SVBD couldn’t rest on its Big Five, returning only 11 shots out of 43 attempts. The seat wasn’t inspiring either. Only two players have crossed the 10-unit barrier: Alexis Thomas (12 points) and Vincent Atiba (13 points). The address was near Antibes. Since the start of the game, Tim Dirksen (22 points at 9/13 in shooting, 22 ratings) and Benjamin Monclair (15 points at 5/8) have been the measure of this team’s performance, scoring 5 of 6 shots on 3 points. for their team. And coach Gothals’ defense is also credited to the Sharks: They knocked out 21 balls. Saint-Vallier slips away from the playoffs and slips into the second half of the table, to twelfth place.

Results of the 30th day of Pro B :

  • Blois Dineen: 81-69
  • Vichy Clermont – Rouen: 87-80
  • Saint-Chimond-Nancy: 71-86
  • Chalons-sur-Sun – Aix-Maurienne: 87-65
  • Kimber-Polazac: 80 – 106
  • Evro – Rounds: 77 – 70
  • Saint Valaire – Antibes: 69 – 88
  • Nantes – Grace Soville: 82 – 71
  • night- Saint Quentin: 62 – 69

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