7 Almost Impossible Video Game Missions!

game news 7 Almost Impossible Video Game Missions!

In your life as a player, you definitely have a memory of a really difficult mission, which would have made Elden Ring sound like a joke. Sometimes the research in question is very difficult. Other times, it required collecting too many items. Other times, the gamepad controls simply fail. The list is long. So for your convenience, here is the top of the gratin.

Bathroom 200 (Grand Theft Auto IV)

In the Hunt for Hundreds of Needles in a Haystack category, here is Grand Theft Auto IV and the ultimate quest to kill 200 pigeons in Liberty City. So no, it’s not your way of “cleaning up” the city to reoccupy it: everything allows you to Unlock a beautiful racing car, “Terminator”The helicopter is equipped with four turrets. In any case, this is a legitimate method to achieve this, as it is much – much easier – to show thanks to the cheat codes. But if cheating isn’t your thing, you’ll have to seriously stick with it. In a game with an already lackluster color palette, the bathroom is little black spots that are really hard to spot. What do you expect if you don’t know what to do on the weekend?

900 Korogus (same as wild)

We’re moving slowly with a video game monument, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. You know, the Nintendo Kid Card is really huge. Of course, the Japanese company could not help but hide a whole bunch of things there. Starting with the famous Korogus, little creatures that will give you enough to improve your inventory. hold tight, There are a total of 900 in the open world. Good luck finding them. Let’s face it, not all of them are useful. Only 441 can actually be used. It is also possible to use an object to locate it more easily. But hey, anyway. To get your precious 100% in Zelda Breath of the Wild, you must go through this step.

Million roses (we love catamaran)

After 200 baths, 900 chorogos, a million roses? Always farther, always higher, always stronger as they say! We’re now looking at We Love Katamari, the sequel to Katamari Damacy. The chain is atypical: it allows you to control a ball that can catch anything in its path. Often the goal is to hold on to as many things as possible to become ever bigger. But The level asks you to collect a million roses. And as much as it is said that it will not be done quickly! On the social network Reddit, players share their technique: use a very accurate model retrieved in another level, attach a rubber band to its controller and then… leave the controller on. Well say that. makes you want to.

No Unturned Stone (Skyrim)

So no, for this upcoming assignment, no one is outdone. In the No Stone Unturned mission in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, you will only need to find 24 Barenziah Stones. Feeling relieved! All this also allows you to reclaim an advantage to increase your chances of getting gems. A reward offered on a silver platter? Actually not, at all. The problem is that these Stones can be found anywhere (Weigh our words). You can literally go from the edge of the bedside table, to the heart of a basement, through a shelf. It’s almost random! And of course, there is no in-game help to lend a helping hand. You either have to be brave or use an online guide. It’s up to you.

Supply Lines (GTA San Andreas)

Well, I know there was a plane that traumatized more than one player. It’s the one in Grand Theft Auto San Adreas, in the “Supply Lines” mission. There is not much that can be said other than the following: This game just sucks, so it will be necessary to start again several times to validate the task. As if that weren’t enough, the whole thing puts you in front of quite a few enemies, to aim with precision with device turrets. Something to bring back more bad memories, including the Demolition Man mission in Grand Theft Auto Vice City, where you have to precisely control a helicopter, drop explosives and get out of here alive (not to mention debris from the explosion). Maybe an old custom Rockstar Games game.

Queen of Cards (Final Fantasy VIII)

Come on, last time we talked about a mission where you have to collect things. To end on a high note, this is a really rewarding job. Nominee: Final Fantasy VIII. However, it all starts with a fun card game, Triple Triad, which a character called The Queen of Cards wants to expand with new features. In addition to the fact that you have to play and lose a game to pass unreleased copies to it (and that the Queen can take up to half of your cards like that, for fun) there are two things worth noting: Items with completely random characters were found And what’s more, the Queen of Cards will be happy to change cities overnight, just to add more to the mix. A real treat to finish!

Siegmeyer from Catarina (Dark Souls)

With this last filter, we’ll probably come to the end of a random task and it’s not necessarily very fair. Do you sure know Siegmeyer de Catarina, the famous onion knight of Dark Souls? Well, the sequence of things that need to be done to get to the right conclusion of his quest is quite impressive. After finding him in front of Sen Castle and then in Anwar Londo, you have to find him in the areas you have already visited and fight against the crystal giant, who turns out to be his daughter. The Onion Knight will later offer you a hand against the Chaos Eaters, but for the rest of the quest to follow its path, he’ll have to End the battle with more than 50% HP. If you don’t do one of these things in a particular order, everything else falls apart. And of course, the best part: Siegmeyer dies in the end anyway.

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