Vladimir Putin: Parkinson’s disease, thyroid cancer, or a strategic lie? What do we know about his health?

Hypotheses about the state of health of Vladimir Putin abound. The Kremlin’s head appears increasingly marked by remorse, which could be those of Parkinson’s disease.

For several years now, the health status of Vladimir Putin has been the subject of debate. However, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the head of the Kremlin has shown more and more Intense physical scars Which may lead to the belief that he is ill.

But what is this entrance noise? Does he really have any health problems? Sergei Zhirnov, a former senior KGB spy service officer and author of “The Scout,” presents his analysis to La Dépêche du Midi.

Several elements indicate that he is ill.

According to Sergei Zhirnov, “several elements indicate that Vladimir Putin is ill.” Doubts go back more than three months.

On January 6, Putin celebrated Orthodox Christmas alone in a very small church. And for the ten minutes broadcast on Russian television, He was moving the whole time we saw itHe had trouble staying still‘, explains the former client. This has resulted in the inability to camp out his usual livelihood A wave of rumors that continued to grow.

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“For a while, as soon as he is sitting on the sofa to have conversations with someone, He moves his feet all the time. The rest of the body remains stable This striking foot indicates that he is very nervous insideSergey Zhirnov notes: “Recently we also noticed that every time he sits at a table, he clings to it. During his meeting with the army chief on April 21, his hands became almost white Like cling to the table‘, he explains.

In a video clip, pose #put it in Facing the Minister of Armies would lead one to believe he had Parkinson’s disease, his hands holding onto the desk so he wouldn’t shiver. pic.twitter.com/o1QVZqfaqn

“Good, Bill!” (@BillDaButcha) April 22 2022

Some experts see it as a sign of a The emergence of Parkinson’s disease. However, another hypothesis raises the effectsCancer treatment. Indeed, according to an investigation by independent media Proekt, Banned in Russia since July 2021, Vladimir Putin Almost always surrounded by doctorsincluding Thyroid tumors Who would have consulted him thirty-five times in four years.

Moreover, Vladimir Putin, at the age of 69, “has already outgrown The average age of death for Russian men Constant between 65 and 67 years, “recalls Sergey Zhirnov.” Even if he is at the head of the state, he remains an old man. On the other hand, if he turns out to be sick, it all depends on what type of cancer he has, some of which have been cured or were accompanied. Not because he will get sick that he will die soonthe expert explains.

A strategy to avoid a coup?

“It is not excluded that these rumors about the disease are a means for Putin,” he added Manipulate those around you. It can be intended Dissuade people in the Kremlin from making a coup‘, warns the former client. An unexpected but not impossible hypothesis, he says.

“One wonders how the database showing how much time he spends with his doctors was leaked. This is classified information… so It’s weird To find them in the public space, “the specialist doubts. According to him, Putin could have deliberately leaked this information to allow his potential enemies to believe that he was dying.” crooked and perverted to use it.”

Moreover, already in 2015, when rumors were circulating about Putin’s physical attitudes, British neurologists concluded in a study in “gunslinger gait” To explain his jerky movements. Signal He obtained it during his training at the KGB. Currently, The Kremlin has not made any statement About a possible illness of Vladimir Putin.

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