Playstation 5: 10 must-play PlayStation Studios games

game news Playstation 5: 10 must-play PlayStation Studios games

Playstation Studios has acquired a large number of talented development studios over the past few years. That’s why the editorial staff at JV has selected a set of 10 “made in” Sony games for you to play perfectly on PlayStation 5.


  • blood borne
  • Death Stranding exit cut
  • New edition of the souls of Satan
  • Ghost Cut Out Tsushima
  • God of War
  • Horizon: Forbidden West
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man (The Saga)
  • back
  • The Last of Us (The Saga)
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

blood borne

We attack this choice in large part, because we are talking about the 2015 game. blood borne It is the first title from studio From Software that strives to stand out from the successful Dark Souls license. Gone are the castles and dragons in pure Dark Fantasy style. Say hello to the world of Lovecraftian in the gothic town of Yharnam. You play as a hunter looking for the mysterious, pale blood. You wander the narrow streets of this cursed city to discover its terrible secret. Where Dark Souls lean toward defensive play with a shield, Bloodborne encourages and rewards aggression. In fact, when you lose a life, you have a chance to get it back by hitting the enemies for a short time. The famous lap has been swapped out for a more mobile dash. You also have a dodge-able gun if you shoot at the right time, allowing you to deliver a final blow. The game features an amazing level design that provides absolute consistency and immersion. A must have for all PlayStation players.

Death Stranding exit cut

Hideo Kojima is above all a genius game designer, capable of delivering the best and craziest. delinquency of death of this caliber. With this first game from his new stable, Hideo Kojima brings us a unique video game experience. Actor Norman Reedus here embodies Sam Porter Bridges, the carrier in a post-apocalyptic world that witnessed the so-called Death Stranding, a supernatural phenomenon that broke the boundaries between the dead and the living. Since that day, the souls of the deceased, called “lost”, roam, offering all life with the help of a supernatural rain. The survivors logically took refuge in the shelters located in the heart of the cities of Raleigh, the last strongholds of mankind. Your task is to build the UCA (United Cities of America) in order to forge new connections between humans, the ones lost after Death Stranding. This reunification takes place by delivering equipment to the heart of a world that is more hostile than ever. That’s why this game is not for everyone. The gameplay is almost entirely based on walking. Here, patience, analysis and perseverance are the keywords with the sole aim of recreating a humanity that has lost what defines it: the social dimension.

New edition of the souls of Satan

Born in the popular TV series Hidetaka Miyazaki. demon souls It was originally released as a PS3 exclusive in 2010. This laid the foundation for Dark Souls and all other From Software games to come next. Back stabs, loss of life upon death, and the stamina bar that wears out with every action that comes from there! The events take place in the kingdom of Politaria, where the experiments on the spirits of demons led to the destruction of the world. Your task as a player is to stop the released creatures in order to save Boletaria. Its atmosphere is completely different from its predecessors. Here, the universe is explored through several “levels” that become more and more complex. In this universe you discover a sprawling prison guarded by guards, an underground city, or even a volcanic mine. The game had the right to PS5 remake Keeping the exact same gameplay. The graphics have only been revised up to remain as faithful as possible to the original experience. You will take full peeping.

Ghost Cut Out Tsushima

After engaging in platforms with Sly Cooper and exploring the superhero genre with InFamous, Sucker Punch encounters feudal Japan. Ghost of Tsushima It puts us in the shoes of Jin Sakai, the Japanese warrior who resisted the Mongol invasion of Tsushima Island during the 13th century. The title offers a true historical immersion worthy of an Assassin’s Creed game. Navigating the island’s plains is a real pleasure, thanks in particular to the original GPS. Here, it is not a simple small map that will guide you, but the breath of the wind allows you to better enjoy the graphics of the game.Bow, explosives, smoke bombs, kunya are your best allies in order to get rid of the Mongolian invader. Copy Director’s Cut Available on PS5, it fixes some flaws in the original version. Also available is a new area: Iki Island, with its own narrative arc that expands the experience of living in the heart of this feudal Japan.

God of War

Sony conference at E3 2016. A young boy plays quietly in front of his wooden house, when his father calls him. He passes by his door, and his father asks him if he knows how to fish. He answers yes. And there… Coming out of the shadows, sexier than ever, comes Kratos, the slayer of Olympus, who seems to have retired to the northern mountains. Audiences shriek with glee at the unexpected return of this video game series, which no one has heard of since 2013. Two years later, the game was released exclusively on PS4 and culminated in Game of the Year 2018. Evolving in a semi-open world, Kratos must go in dumping the ashes of his late wife with the help of Their son Atreus. Together they will travel this Scandinavian kingdom while building a father-son relationship they never had before. But, as their journey progresses, they will engage in a conflict involving the gods of the North. We are waiting for its sequel, God of War: Ragnarok For 2022 on PS4 and PS5, Santa Monica Games is still developing it. With effective gameplay, elaborate narrative of the sequence, and stunning graphics, God of War (2018) Make a resounding comeback.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Released 5 years after the first authorship. Horizon: Forbidden West follow from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Developed by Guerrilla Games, the title takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has returned to a primitive state and must face mechanical animals. Originally these machines were peaceful, they have become more and more aggressive over the years. We embody Aloy, a young researcher from her tribe, whose goal, in the first opus, is to stop this cyber scourge. In the Forbidden West, she continues her quest in the lands of the Forbidden West. This second episode is richer than the previous one with more advanced gameplay mechanics and a more accurate setting. The universe is more mysterious and engaging than ever, and filled with stunning graphics. Get ready to face bigger and more dangerous machines, mobile and designed with great care. Finally, know that the game has done an excellent job across generations. Whether on PS5, PS4 Pro or PS4 Fat, the game works perfectly. An exceptional sequel to this extraordinary saga.

Marvel’s Spider-Man (The Saga)

Spider-Man from Marvel It is our best superhero game since Batman Arkham Knight. Being a web weaver has never been so fun as in this video game. Marvel’s Spider-Man sets itself apart from other Spider-Man stories by the simple fact that Peter didn’t start out as an eternal high school kid who had just discovered his powers. Here, the climber has been doing justice on the streets of New York for several years now. This seniority of character makes it possible to provide refreshing insight and development. In terms of gameplay, the game offers us a perfect simulation of a friendly living spider with an impeccable movement system. Weaving your web among the New York skyscrapers is pure fun. The battles are well executed and the story is fun to follow. The game worked so well that it had the right to a standalone mode centered around it Miles Morales Waiting for the sequel. Spider-Man from Marvel 2 Scheduled for 2023.


first ps5 exclusive, back It is a 3D shooting game, in Roguelite style, developed by Housemarque. The game features astronaut Selene, who has landed on an exoplanet Atropos, a strange world with many secrets. However, for some unknown reason, every death she encounters leads to resurrection when she collides with Atropos. Your goal is to solve the mystery hidden behind this time loop and escape from this star. Between the elegant gameplay and the SF inspired world, Returnal turns out to be an exhilarating experience that will satisfy you if you are a fan of the genre.

The Last of Us (The Saga)

the last of us It is a cult game from the end of the era for PS3 re-released in remastered Developed by Naughty Dog, the fathers of the Uncharted saga, The Last of Us confronts us in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus of fungal origin, called Cordyceps, has almost completely destroyed humanity. The peculiarity of this mushroom is to control its host by making it very aggressive. The story takes place in the year 2033, 20 years after the onset of the pandemic. You play as Joel, a fifty-year-old who has lost his daughter, who must escort Ellie, a teenage immune to Cordyceps. The girl turned out to be the last hope of mankind to develop a vaccine with the help of her own antibodies. What makes the title strong is its writing and its subtle characters. Over the course of their adventure, the two protagonists will forge bonds, giving Joel a second chance to become a father. One thing is for sure, you won’t get off this trip unscathed. A sequel was released in 2020 on PS4, Our last part 2. Where the theme of the first was love, this second composition emphasizes hate and reveals more than ever the cruelty of this universe.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End It is the conclusion to the adventures of Nathan Drake developed by Naughty Dog. Several years after retiring from a treasure hunt, Drake finds himself forced to return to service when his brother Sam reappears. Following in the footsteps of Henry Avery, a great pirate of the late 17th century, the two brothers strive to find his lost treasure. Driven by impeccable technology, simple yet effective gameplay and a narrative that masters from start to finish, the Naughty Dog title puts the small bowls into the big bowls. The game was also followed by a standalone game, Unknown: The Lost Legacy. The epic finale in this video game epic is greatness!

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