Live. Basketball. Mondeville has taken the upper hand: the Cadet Coupe de France final continued

Lina Vimbo on the rebounding ball. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

28 Dessi Anguelova’s lead time was extremely effective! 55-73.

27′ Lyon took advantage of the poor weather at Mondeville to refresh just as quickly. Mondeville is only 11 points ahead, and this match is far from over…55-66.

26′ Mondville did not succeed on the free throws but his lead stabilized. 51-66.

23′ Lina Fimbo also shows her edge in this match. Mondville, which looks quite liberated now, produces a very beautiful basketball. And when Lou Bobst is at that level of performance, it helps (20 points for her). That’s +15 at 45-60.

21 Here we go again in this second half! Mondeville attacked in front of us, at the press fair (for not adopting the photo, but that’s another discussion!). USOM appears to be resuming on the same solid foundations.

Quarter Two: Mondeville impresses

20 ′ and the three points that fall just before the break! USOM raised the tone this second quarter and is up 12 points (40-52). Lou Bobst is already at 17 points (3/4 three points) and 5 assists. Anael Dutat scores 12 points and 7 rebounds. But he’s a whole team that excelled in the second quarter.

19′ Will Lou Bobst and Anaëlle Dutat leave Mondeville at the end of the season before they play for the pros? Yeah. Is it unfortunate? Oh yes ! They shine this morning. 34-47 for Mondville, hole made!

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18 ′ The two teams are giving us a great showing in this second quarter, because Lyon is not letting go (31-39).

16′ +10 for Mondeville! The Normans start to defend with force and the attack follows a rhythm. We’ll have to maintain this level of intensity…

14′ Harisum Coulibaly gives preference to Mondeville (24-26). Mondevillaises is in a strong moment. Then Lou Bobst enjoys the pass, and it’s 24-30!

Harisum Coulibaly.
Harisum Coulibaly. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

13′ Le Popst’s skill is precious. Halfway through, it was already 10 points for her and 24-22 for Lyon, on the other hand.

12′ Lyon had the best start in the second quarter. Leonis defended hard. USOM finds few solutions but they are outstanding (24-20).

11′ It’s Carla Light who beats Asvel with nine points already on the clock. Only three Lyon players scored in the first quarter. There are five in the ranks of Mondevillais.

First quarter: Lyon 21-18 Mondeville

10 ′ end of the first quarter. Lyon, with three points from Lite, finished three points ahead (21-18). It’s tight here in Bercy, in a beautiful setting and in front of the terraces that are gradually filling up.

10′ second award-winning shot from Lou Bobst and great defense behind Lina Fimbo. It has not yet been on Mondevillais’ part, but the apprehension seems to be fading. Maëva Fébrissy, after recovering the new ball, tied at 18-18.

9′ Despite suffering an ankle injury and so much annoyance upon arriving at Percy that she can’t be tied down right away, Lisa Clouseau shows all her importance in the Mondeville group.

7 ′ The first basket, Lou Bobst, feels good! Three more points for Mondeville but Lyon are focused. 16-11.

5′ Lyon dominates the start of the match against the frenetic Mondeville. USOM has already lost five balloons. Fortunately, Leon is not systematically penalized, but the first break occurs when Desi Anguilova takes a timeout (14-6).

Mondevillais supporters came in droves.
Mondevillais supporters came in droves. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

3′ Lyon took the lead after an award-winning shot from their leader, but Anael Dutat tied the two teams (6-6).

1′ Let’s Go and it’s Annael Dutat who opened the scoring in this match. 4-0 after 20 seconds.

0 ′ Mondevillais supporters have already won the battle of the stands. The stands are obviously not very full in this huge room, but there are people who are all the same!

0 ′ Mondeville composition: Kimilia Ahmed, Hrissum Coulibaly, Lisa Clouseau, Celine Rico, Sarah Channos, Victoria Martins, Maeva Vibrisi, Lou Bobest, Lilia Lisur, Sarah Yevana Kibom, Lina Vimbo and Annaelle Dutat.

This is the important day! After being canceled twice due to Covid, the French Cadet Cup is back this season. With it, Mondeville returns to the Accor Arena in Percy. The club is a regular on the field, so much so that it has been the title holder in the last two editions. Each time, the finale actually faced him against Lyon. Three years ago, the Mondevils crushed their opponents. This time around, discussions promise to be more hesitant, especially since two USOM executive players will play injured. Watch the match live from 9:30am.


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